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Jimma University Establishes Partnership with Peking University.

A delegation from Jimma University(JU) to China, led by Dr. Jemal Abafita, the President of JU, visited Peking University’s (PKU) National School of Development and Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development (NSSCD). The delegates discussed with the team of professors and directors, including the Associate Dean for Education, Research, and International Cooperation in the presence […]

WHO Geneva Published Jimma University’s Study as Special Report 2023.

A national study authored by a team of researchers from our University, namely Prof. Morankar Sudhakar, Dr. Fira Abamecha, and Prof. Zewdie Birhanu has been published as the special issues of the World Health Organization (WHO), 2023. The study shed light on the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the primary healthcare (PHC) services delivery […]

Jimma University and Operation Smile-Ethiopia Enhance Pediatric Intensive Care and Burn Care.

Jimma University Institute of Health, in partnership with Operation Smile-Ethiopia, has undertaken a significant project to enhance Pediatrics Intensive Care and Burn care services. The project encompasses a multi-faceted approach, including Strengthening the skills and capabilities of nursing staff, Pediatrics ICU and Burn Unit Infrastructure revitalization, Repairing non-functional mechanical ventilators through the procurement of essential […]

National Recognition for Outstanding Contributions to Road Safety.

Jimma University received national recognition during a program organized by the Road Safety Fund Service, aimed at acknowledging and appreciating individuals and organizations that have made significant efforts to enhance road safety. The event, opened by Dr. Alemu Sime, the Minister of Transport and Logistics, emphasized the global and local damages caused by traffic accidents […]

Research to Commercialization (R2C) Training Week One

A specialized training program called “Research to Commercialization” has been provided to equip researchers with the necessary skills and knowledge in innovative products. This program aimed to create an enabling environment for Research to Commercialization, build capacity through a curriculum, and support research project commercialization. Week one of the Research to Commercialization training program focused […]

Fostering Innovation in Logistic and Supply Chain

An impressive research conference titled “Enhancing Supply Chain Management in Healthcare and Agriculture: Analyzing Performance, Challenges, and Echelon’s Role” took place at Jimma University on August 28-29, 2023. Organized by Jimma University’s School of Pharmacy in partnership with the Elias Melake Foundation (EMF) and the KUHNE Foundation, the event convened experts, researchers, and professionals across […]

Medical Equipment Donation Worth Over 28 Million Birr

Jimma University, through its collaborative project with the WHO known as Essential Health Services (EHS), has donated medical equipment valued at 28 million birr. These pieces of equipment, generously provided by Global Affairs Canada, marks a substantial investment in enhancing healthcare services. These essential tools, ranging from pediatric weight scales to maternal health follow-up devices, […]

Ethiopian Physics Society in North America (EPSNA) has conducted a virtual summer school in collaboration with Universities in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Physics Society in North America (EPSNA) recently organized a virtual summer school in collaboration with universities in Ethiopia. The primary objective of the summer school was to provide students in Ethiopian higher education institutions with exposure to cutting-edge research in their respective fields of study. Additionally, the school aimed to inspire more students […]

Jimma University leads massive free medical and humanitarian initiative

President Dr. Jemal Abafita of Jimma University recently visited five free medical provision sites within Jimma town. This summer, Jimma University is taking a commendable step by offering free medical services and humanitarian aid to an estimated 140,000 individuals. The range of services provided includes clinical and non-clinical activities. These encompass free medical screenings for […]