Background of Collaboration


Internationalization and Institutional Collaboration

With an ascent to national leadership, Jimma University has set it’s sights beyond the nation and seeks to become a globally recognized institution of higher education. Jimma University is famous for its international collaborative spirit and through years of successful international collaborations in a variety of fields, an environment conducive to international academic exchange has been created. Jimma University is increasingly attracting students from around Africa and also hosts some of the world brightest and most accomplished foreign faculty members. Through the dissemination of high quality scholarly and research output globally through renowned international journals and other venues, Jimma University’s global recognition is sure to increase in the coming years. Jimma University is also increasingly becoming center for international conferences and with new infrastructure development and facility expansion, the capabilities of the institution to engage in the highest quality research activities is certain to increase. Jimma University prides itself on being a cosmopolitan, multicultural environment, and through a variety of programs aimed at bringing a diverse community from around the world, Jimma University is poising itself to be a truly internationalized institution. Due to the emphasis placed on becoming an internationally recognized university as part of the mission of Jimma University.  

The University welcomes enquiries from potential international partners. Please feel free to contact Mr. Addisalem Taye ( or ) direct and he will reply without delay. The University web-site contains much information, but like web-sites in most universities, it needs constant up-dating and refreshing. A major up-date of the Jimma site has just begun.

JU is a full member of the International Network Towards Unity for Health. It has also institutional relationships and co-operation with universities and research institutions in other parts of the world. Some of them are:-

  • SuSanA Partner
  • VLIR Belgium universities
  • Brown University (USA)
  • Canadian Network for International Surgery (Canada)
  • Rostock University (Germany)
  • Ludwing-Maxmillian University (Germany)
  • Menschen fur Menschen ( Austria)
  • Nottingham University Hospital (UK)
  • THET (UK)
  • Carter center
  • Tulane University (USA)
  • CDC-Ethiopia
  • Nova Scotia Agricultural College (Canada)
  • Utrecht University (Netherlands)
  • Wageningen university
  • FAO
  • JUCAN Collaborative Research Center