Fatima College of Health Science (FCHS) is managed by the Institute of Applied Technology (IAT) under the Abu Dhabi Government, FCHS provides top-notch education in the health sector. Emphasizing access to world-class health services, FCHS aligns with the Abu Dhabi government’s agenda. FCHS plays a pivotal role in preparing graduates for diverse healthcare sectors, contributing to the nation’s healthcare goals.

In October 2018, His Excellency Hussein bin Ibraheem Al Hammadi, Minister of Education, UAE, and other senior delegates visited Jimma University to explore and agree on the partnership. The main aim of the project was to strengthen JU’s current undergraduate nursing education through the implementation of the FCHS undergraduate nursing program. This is a five-year project which was planned for completion in August 2026. Upon completion of the project, JU will be self-sustaining.

This project aimed to improve the quality and standards of the current undergraduate nursing education at JU and to increase the number of competent nurses to address healthcare needs across the country. This project facilitated the implementation of FCHS four- year undergraduate nursing curriculum in JU, and for FCHS to help JU further develop its skills in laboratory and library services. The first cohort of students under this partnership were enrolled in August 2021 and will graduate in 2025. The program has one intake in semester one (August) of each academic year. On completion of the five-year project, JU will independently continue to deliver the nursing program.

Ethiopia, with its challenges in healthcare, calls for a transformation in nursing education. The collaboration between FCHS in the UAE and JU in Ethiopia aims to address these challenges, providing a comprehensive and practical nursing education that meets international standards.
Grounded in Community-Based Education, the philosophy of the Jimma University School of Nursing revolves around promoting health, respecting human rights, and advancing nursing education. Beliefs about clients, health, environment, nursing, learning, and nursing leadership guide the school’s approach to education and healthcare delivery.