Research Center for Road and Transport Safety

Mission, Vision, Goal and Objectives
To produce high quality inter- and trans-disciplinary problem solving researches on the road transport and safety problem in Ethiopia and the Horn, with a balanced emphasis on local, national and regional road safety concerns, and by engaging all stakeholders.

Seeing Ethiopian roads and the road transport system become accessible, efficient and safer for their users with a 50% reduction of RTA-caused serious injuries and fatalities by 2030.

Goal of the centre is to establish a globally recognized centre of excellence in research, training, consultancy, advocacy, and innovative designing of accessible, efficient and safer road transport system with a focus of RTAs.

Overall objectives of the centre include:

  • To carryout Multi-, Inter- and Trans-disciplinary (MIT), longitudinal and implementation research on and RTAs thematic areas;
  • To design or adapt innovative intervention strategies to improve road safety in Ethiopia;
  • In collaboration with responsible stakeholders/actors, support the pilot implementation of intervention strategies of innovative intervention designs and to scale up the interventions
  • To conduct MIT research on the development of adequate, efficient and equitable domestic and international road transport network in Ethiopia and the horn of Africa;
  • To carryout research on public transport service provisions of the nation in terms of accessibility, comfort, equity, safety, etc.;
  • To document, archive and disseminate research and implementation outputs on road and transport safety;
  • To provide training and consultancy services to partners and stakeholders working on the road and transport sector;
  • To identify policy relevant outstanding issues for policy makers and prepare tools of policy implementation guidelines for implementers on road and transport safety in Ethiopia and the horn.

Getachew Tilahun Wakiene (Ph.D., Assistant Professor)
Director, Research Center for Road and Transport Safety
P. O. Box 5174, Tel.: +251911823145
Email: ;
Jimma University, Jimma, Oromia, Ethiopia.