Professional Development

For the past several years, the Ethiopian Government has been working towards ensuring quality of education for all educational levels. The Ministry of Education has prepared Higher Diploma Program (HDP) for all teachers at national level. The programme mainly emphasis on the improvement of the quality of teaching and learning and the development of thoughtful expert besides, it encourages field-based learning in educational and other types of institutions.
HDP is one of the initiatives nationally designed and launched to address higher education teacher limitations in the area of selecting and utilizing appropriate teaching methodologies, developing appropriate assessment and evaluation skills. The HDP started in 21 teacher education institutions in October 2003 (1996 EC), as a new compulsory qualification for all teacher in Ethiopia.
Since commencement of HDP in Jimma University, the coordinating office has doing its best in coordinating the training effectively and efficiently with limited resources and man power. The coordinating office trained around 1800 Staffs of the University so far.
Apart from the regular face to face modalities, Jimma University HDP coordinating office has successfully automated HDP training for health professional educators. Customized training module of HDP for health professionals was uploaded on the University E-Learning platform and 25 health professionals were able to attend the training through blended approach. The office has a plan to customize HDP training manual for engineering and technology instructors by year 2015 E.C
Data of certified Jimma University staffs was presented in table as follows

Final HDP for health handbook
HDP for health workbook
HDP module for Higher Education
HDP Module for Teacher Educator
HDP_for_Agriculture_Handbook_Final (1)