Gostar foundation

Gostar foundation is headed by Dr Jorg Peltzer, it was founded in 2006. Dr Peltzer has worked in South -Western Ethiopia and was inspired to work with Jimma University to establish a trauma centre.
 Our objectives are Conservative and operative fracture care of all kinds of trauma in patients
 Dealing with soft tissue problems, for example, osteomyelitis and infection of soft tissue& bones with operative treatment and muscle flaps.
 Quality control in Orthopaedic care
 Introduction of Orthopaedic residency programme
 Rehabilitation and prosthetic support

• Our vision is for Jimma University to become the centre for Orthopaedic trauma patients and the leading service provider for excellency in treatment, training and teaching of over 25million people in South -Western Ethiopia/Oromia region.
• To make the Prosthetic and Orthopaedic centre functional again and produce prosthetics to cater for Jimma and its surrounding areas.
The Gostar foundation is headed by Dr Jorg Peltzer and consists of at least four other board members who are Dr Reto Babst, Hugo Herzog, and Olivier Wilemin. The head office is based in Lucerne, Switzerland.
The focal people in Jimma are the Chief executive officer, Institute of Health Jimma University, Dr Ahamed Zeindin and the Clinical director, Dr Fetiya Awol.
Change in GOSTAR Project Co-ordination

Say goodbye to Tatenda….

For the last twelve months, Tatenda Mutema has been responsible for the local Gostar project execution in Jimma. Tatenda, a Zimbabwe national, was brought to Jimma for her background in hospital management and to be the liason manager between the Gostar board, the local trauma team and Jimma university/hospital.

Tatenda was paramount for taking our new ward with 85 beds into operation. She helped the reception of our four big sea containers with new beds, matrasses and medicinal equipment. In the new building, she was ensuring that Gostar received the original allocation of bedrooms, a prerequisite to implement our 2024 vision of an ‘Orthopedic trauma center of excellence’.

2022 was an extremely critical year with the move and the arrival of all the material. Her local presence and meticulous work allowed Gostar to execute its strategy in an ever challenging environment. In the process she has also built many relationships to our doctors, Jimma Hospital and University as well as to the Gostar board members. I am sure that many of those relationships will become friendships, even when she has moved on!

Now, that a critical phase in our project is over, Tatenda has decided to move on with her career and return back to Zimbabwe. On behalf of the Gostar board, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Tatenda for her very important contribution and wish her a lot of success with the next phase of her career!

… and welcome Serkalem

We have appointed Serkalem Bogale as the new, local Gostar project co-ordinator. Serkalem is an Ethopian national and recently graduated in bio medical engineering at Jimma University. This appointment is in line with our Gostar philosophy to build expertise locally and increase thus the sustainability of our initiative.
Serkalem will take over Tatenda’s role as a liaison manager between the Gostar board and the local orthopedic trauma team under the leadership of Dr.Tolasa, assistant professor of ortheopedics & traumatology surgery, with his team of six surgeons. Serkalem will work closely with the board members, Michael Weller being her primary interface.

Serkalem’s prime responsibilities will be ensuring timely project execution in order to reach our 2024 vision. In her role, she will work with our trauma team as well as with all the stakeholders from Jimma hospital and university.

Please join me in welcoming Serkalem to our Gostar family and give her all the support she needs. We wish Serkalem a lot of energy and satisfaction in her new role!

Dr. Jörg ‘Pele’ Peltzer
Michael Weller