What International Partners Gain from Collaborating with Jimma University

What International Partners Gain from Collaborating with Jimma University

International partners come to Jimma University from all over the world. With them they bring a multitude of different worldviews, cultural values and attributes as well as experiences which are shared throughout the diverse global environment on campus. In Jimma University’s quest to become renowned in Africa and recognized in the world, a global culture is being fostered which offers foreign partners a number of unique benefits that cannot be found anywhere else.

Jimma University promotes the sharing of indigenous knowledge, which can be fascinating to those curious to understand the experiences of people from other nations and cultures. Ethiopians are proud of the fact that unlike other African countries, Ethiopia was never colonized, and thus, a unique Ethiopian culture and worldview has been preserved. Ethiopia on the one hand stands with a strong sense of pride in its independence while on the other adheres to a strong guest culture which treats people from outside of Ethiopia with a high level of respect, reverence and hospitality. International partners interested in learning from a people who may perceive things in a different way, from a unique cultural background will be fascinated by the discussion they will have during their time at Jimma University.

It is important to note the heavy significance Ethiopia places on education, the scientific method, and modernization of the country. The unique cross section of age old culture, modern academics, and a desire for international collaboration makes for an educational and professional experience at Jimma University unlike any other.

Ethiopians are known for hospitality, resourcefulness, sense of independence and strong culture. Ethiopia as a nation also has gained a prominent position in world athletics through generations of world class athletes. Ethiopia now also sets itself apart in its ambitions. Ethiopia is aspiring towards regional leadership and is active in world politics. Ethiopia has also set itself apart in its determination to be a leader among developing nations in environmental matters, and the emphasis placed on renewable energies and carbon neutrality are significant aspects of Ethiopia transformation and development strategies.

However, Ethiopia still remains an under resourced country. With that said, solutions to problems require creative thinking, resourcefulness, and of course hard work. Foreign partners who wish to roll up their sleeves, trouble shoot complex problems, and learn about achieving success amidst challenge will find working with Jimma University on challenges facing the local society to be a great learning experience.

The Ethiopian worldview is also significant to global academia and the exchange of different viewpoints, values and arguments. Ethiopian scholars are serious about disseminating their individual and cultural viewpoints through publications to the global academia. Scholars from various fields of social sciences and humanities will find their presumptions tested, their ideas challenged, and their own worldview expanded upon through engagement with Jimma University’s vibrant community of scholars.

Ethiopia is a land of rich culture that has numerous linguistic, ethnic and religious attributes. Foreign partners interested in a unique cross cultural experience will find working at Jimma University to be a fascinating environment for exchanges of culture, multicultural teamwork, and self exploration and development. Being capable of working in cross cultural environments is a desired skill all over the globalized world, and partnering with Jimma University gives foreign partners the chance to work together with Ethiopian colleagues as well as partners from other parts of the world.

Jimma University looks in all direction for international partners, and it is unique that Jimma University offers individuals from the most developed to the least developed, the most religious to most secular, and most traditional to most progressive a venue for working together in the pursuit of fundamental values of education and the progress of humanity.

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Multi/cross cultural work experience

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