Food and Nutrition Research Institute

Mission, Vision, Goal and Objectives


  • Food and Nutrition Research Institutes works to ensure food and nutrition security through cutting edge research that generates an evidence for effective implementation of nutrition specific and nutrition sensitive interventions.


  • To see all Ethiopians with better nutritional status, quality of life, productivity and Longevity.


  • Generate State-of-The-Art-Evidence that supports the development and dynamic revision of The Food and Nutrition policy and programs for the attainment of optimal nutritional status at all stages of life span and conditions to a level that is consistent with good health, quality of life and productivity.


The objectives of the JUFNRI are to create conducive policy environment to:

Nutritional Epidemiology Research Center (NERC)

  • Discover the environmental, dietary, life style, genetic and epigenetic determinants of chronic non communicable diseases and malnutrition throughout the life cycle and develop new approaches for their prevention.

  • Serve as an epicenter of State-of-The-Art evidence for policies, guidelines and intervention strategies related to nutrition in the country.

  • To develop simple, locally relevant and cost effective surrogate markers for detection of diet and life style related risk factors of non-communicable diseases and facilitate preventive interventions in the population.

Clinical and Nutrition Research Center (JUCAN)

  • Foster nutrition and clinical research to contribute to the understanding of malnutrition, communicable and non-communicable diseases of public health importance in Ethiopia.

  • To contribute to the development and evaluation of new and improved methods and tools for the prevention, treatment and control of malnutrition and communicable and non-communicable diseases


  • To develop scientifically proven postharvest handling practices and technologies to reduce quantitative and qualitative losses of agricultural products for production and supply of better quality diets.

  • To generate cutting-edge evidence to ensure supply of safe and better quality foods and therapeutic foods.

  • To advance local knowledge on indigenous and modern food processes and preservation methods, for production and supply of safe, nutritious, and better quality foods (indigenous and exotic).


    Kalkidan Hassen Abate (Ph.D.)
    Director of Food and Nutrition Research Institute
    Associate Professor, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

     P.O.Box 378, Tel:+251911370862
      Jimma University, Jimma, Ethiopia.