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The Jimma Institute of Technology was initially established as the faculty of technology (FoT) back in 1997 when the government decided to expand the then Jimma Institute of Healthy Science (founded in 1983) beyond health fields and upgrade it into a full-fledged university with the opening of faculty of technology and faculty of business and economics. Upon its establishment, the faculty comprised three departments: the Civil Engineering Department, the Electrical Engineering Department, and the Mechanical Engineering Department. The first batch of students from the Faculty of Technology’s regular program graduated in 2002. Since then, the faculty has turned out competent graduates and contributed to the country’s development. To diversify its study programs, two more engineering programs, namely Water Resource and Environmental Engineering and Biomedical Engineering departments, were launched in the faculty. With this, the number of engineering departments has increased to five. Initially, the study period of undergraduate engineering departments was five years. However, due to the reform introduced into the country’s educational system, it was reduced to four years in 2003.

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JiT offers a range of undergraduate and graduate online programs in collaboration

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With an unwavering focus on rigorous inquiry, JiT research continually breaks new intellectual ground. Across disciplines, departments, and over a number of institutes and centers, our researchers produce ideas that matter—and change the world.

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Based in western hub of Jimma town, JiT is an integral part of our vibrant city. With programs and partnerships in education, economic, social, community needs and more, we’re creating a new model of engagement for urban institutes.

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