Civil and Environmental Engineering

The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering (FCEE) is comprises of different programs, namely:


  1. Civil Engineering,
  2. Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering,
  3. Water Supply and Environmental Engineering and
  4. Architecture and Urban Planning

The objective of the faculty is to bridge the increasing need of highly and globally qualified engineers. The faculty firmly believes that producing high caliber technical brains will help develop the country and the world as a whole.

The faculty produced and is producing thousands of engineers to meet the need of increasing demand of technical knowledge. It is accepting thousands of students each academic year, developing and strengthening their knowledge to be a better and fruitful citizen of the country. They will man the growing infrastructure of the country.

The biggest challenge for the development of Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular is the lack of sufficient infrastructures which inhibit further growth and development. As a part of the Millennium Development Goals, all African nations including Ethiopia are investing huge amount of money in building infrastructure. The program of the government in the next few years is infrastructure development. Construction of horizontal and vertical projects is almost everywhere around the country. In this regard, the need of technical experts in this field in of utmost important. It is the aim of the FCEE to help produce this new breed of intellect in the area of infrastructure development.

For the last six years the faculty is producing, on top of its BSc graduates, Masters Graduates in the field of Structural Engineering, Highway Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Construction and Engineering Management. Last year, 2016, the faculty opens up its PhD program in different areas of specialization with a strong linkage of Texas Tech University of United States.