Bachelor Program

With a bachelor’s degree, the graduates are well equipped for a wide variety of positions as practicing chemical engineers or for graduate studies in engineering and scientific disciplines. The program encourages continued learning and professional development by providing the proper knowledge and stimulation in a setting that promotes personal growth. The program emphasizes chemical engineering topics with specialized studies in the contemporary fields of process engineering, environmental engineering, food engineering, Sugar Technology, Biochemical engineering, Bio-fuel technology, leather technology, etc. 

Graduate Profile

  • Conducting economic and technical feasibility studies in different fields of chemical and other process industries,
  • Modeling for process selection, design and evaluation, developing appropriate computer programs,
  • Designing, testing and commissioning (chemical) process and associated equipments and plants;
  • Managing  trouble-shoots and solving problems to optimize the production processes;
  • Overseeing the construction, modification, operation and maintenance of pilot plants, processing units or processing plants;
  • Advising management regarding the layout of industrial plants;
  • Acting as liaison between plant engineering personnel and equipment suppliers; preparing quotations and technical documents, coordinating the industrial construction projects;
  • Ensuring efficient, optimum, safe and environmentally responsible plant operation; establishing and conducting quality control programs; operating and assessment procedures and control strategies to ensure consistency and adhere to standards;
  • Cooperation with control and instrumentation specialists, supervision of and cooperation with other engineering personnel;
  • Advising industry and governmental bodies regarding environmental policies and standards;
  • Teaching fundamental Chemical Engineering Courses and assisting advanced courses.
  • Working in multidisciplinary environment as well as – especially under the conditions of globalization-in international cooperation or business;
  • Participating in research and development activities;
  • Working in sustainable energy technologies and   energy optimization systems;

Graduation Requirement

Students must take and pass all the required courses to satisfy the requirements for graduation. The total number of credit points required for graduation with the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering is 300 ECTS including the 30 ECTS mandatory internship.

Further graduation requirements are as set by the Nationally Harmonized Higher Education Policy.

Degree Nomenclature

In English: Bachelor of Science Degree In Chemical Engineering

In Amharic: የሳይንስ የመጀመሪያ ዲግሪ በኬሚካል ምህንድስና