Vision and Mission

The mission of the Biomedical Engineering Department is to build and support the biomedical engineering community, locally, nationally and internationally. 

Hosting activities designed to communicate recent advances, discoveries, and inventions, the Department promotes education and professional development for professionals throughout Ethiopia.  Moreover, the Department serves as a liaison between the academic, medical, governmental, and business sectors of Ethiopia in order to support economic growth and social development.

The vision of the Biomedical Engineering Department is to train and gather the nation’s leading professionals who are devoted to developing technology to advance human health and well-being.


The Bachelor of Science program in Biomedical Engineering prepares students to become world-class engineers who, upon graduation, will contribute to the social and economic development of the country by solving engineering problems related to medicine and biology.

The Master of Science program in Biomedical Engineering further builds students’ expertise in biomedical engineering, bringing students to the forefront of biomedical instrumentation and imaging.  This thesis-based degree supports the students’ abilities to understand and perform research, preparing them to become leaders in healthcare while opening opportunities to pursue higher education abroad.