Faculty of Material Science & Engineering

Faculty Dean: Dr. Solomon Demiss, PhD

Email: solomondemiss@gmail.com

Phone Number: +251921204370


Program Coordinator: Mr. Dita Deme Degefa, MS

Email: ditademe123@gmail.com

Phone Number: +251921204370




Polymer Engineering Chair Holder: Mr. Eba Mala Maldaye, MS

Email: chanchiye@gmail.com

Phone Number: +251920985838



Materials science and Engineering chair Holder: Mrs .Fayza Shemsu, MS

Email: faiz.kedir@gmail.com

Phone Number: +251912458182



Metallurgical Engineering chair Holder: Mrs. Eyerus Mulugeta, MS

Email: eyerusmulugeta2@gmail.com

Phone Number: +251921598778




Ceramic Engineering chair Holder: Ms. Chaltu Abebe, MS

Email: chaltuabebe532@gmail.com

Phone Number: +251917840968



CONTACT INFORMATION: Material Science and Engineering Faculty, PO Box 378 │Jimma Institute of Technology, Jimma, Ethiopia │T +25147111148 │