About Library


The Jimma Institute of Technology Library is one of the branch libraries of the Jimma University library system. The library was established as a branch Library of the Jimma University library system in 2004. The library is commissioned to promote the Instructional, Research, and Public Service goals of the entire Institute of Technology (JiT) community through the expert provision of information.

Currently, JiT Library (JiTL) is an integral part of Jimma University, Jimma Institute of Technology, and one of the top technology and engineering academic libraries in Ethiopia. In addition, the library is an active contributor to JiT’s achievements and it will continue its role and contributions in the future. The Library’s Omni disciplinary and highly regarded collections and information services support the institutions’ students, researchers, and communities.


The library aspires to be a virtual science and technology university library in 2025 for the teaching, learning, research, scholarly activities and community services in a welcoming space where patrons choose to access valuable resources.


Acquire, preserve and disseminate knowledge and information to the JiT community to create a good center of academic excellence in teaching-learning research and community services.


“Creating an Informed and a Life-Long-Self-Learner Society”