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The Office of Institutional Transformation of JiT is one of the lately established offices. It was established in November 2015 to coordinate the reform process at Institute level. Previously, this office was amalgamated with Office of Academic assurance and relevance. Under the new structure of JiT, the office is named as Institutional Transformation office and run by a director with one secretary.
Major Goals
The major goal of the Office of Institutional Transformation is to scale up the service standards of JiT and ensure proper implementation of JiT’s vision to be one of the leading technology Institute in the country renowned for its practical and community based training, research, innovation, TT and entrepreneurial competence.
Major Duties of the office
In order to speed up the successful institutional transformation of JiT, the office shall accomplish the following major duties:

 Proposes strategic transformation ideas, working standards, and the like to the Scientific Director office
 Propose to Scientific Director Office the governance at the top level leadership , Faculty, Chair and staff levels and in all administrative offices
 Develop and update a change management strategy based on continuous situational analysis, awareness raising and impacts resulting from the change;
 Develop policies, procedures and standards of managing change;
 Integrate change management activities into respective plans based on JiT Governance Document
 Develop, apply, and update a structured change management approach and methodology for the overall change plans and people management;
 Coordinate changes of organizational culture, approach, systems and processes creating a robust engagement and maximizing contributions of the Institute community;
 Collect feedback on the implementation of governance of the institute from different units, and evaluate and propose improvement to the Scientific Director Office;
 Propose incentives mechanisms for improving the research and consultancy culture of the staff of the Institute;
 Propose evaluation criteria for performance of different office holders and units of the institute;
 Propose strategy and activity for improve the social capital with the institute and beyond;
 Propose Transformation in teaching and learning, research and technology transfer and good governance;
 Be the focal person of the Transformation agenda of the institute and provides overall direction for the Transformation process;
 Propose ways and means of enhancing the effectiveness of Transformation activities such as BSC, KAIZEN, BPR and educational development army at large;
 Follow up and evaluate the proper implementation of Transformation initiatives (BSC, KAIZEN, BPR and educational development army) and ensure integration and harmonization of the Transformation activities in different academic and administrative units of the institute;
 Devise Transformation plans within the institute that are consistent with University-wide Transformation agenda.
 Propose any other measures that improve the efficiency and image of the Institute among its stakeholders.
 Identify, adapt and promote management instruments that enhance the transformation of the institute.
 Facilitate a discussion forum for academic staffs and administrative staffs’ with Faculty deans; Managing director and scientific director.

Jimma institute of technology registrar is located in Jimma institute of technology, Kitto Furdissa campus. The Institute Registrar office has a very close relation with the main registrar office located in jimma university main campus. The office is led by institute Registrar director. Registrar Director is accountable to scientific director/vice scientific director. He/she directs the registrar service at the Institute. He/she is chief executive of the institute registrar. Registrar Director shall have duties and responsibilities assigned for institute in relevant JU Legislation