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President Message

So colorful, historic, eventful, memorable graduation ceremony!
It was so humbling an experience to be able to lead the ceremony accompanied by my two predecessors, Dr Kaba Urgessa and Prof. Fikre Lemessa, both of whom have already had their visible footprints in the course of the development of the university to its current stature.
It was such a unique occasion that brings three presidents together in one graduation ceremony. I also hope that our students who graduated today had the same feeling and considered how lucky and blessed they were to witness such a rare experience.

And I hope you agree with me that this was not the only reason that made today’s graduation unique: the number of PhDs, which is the largest in recent years, three of which were first time (reproductice health, water resources engineering, and climate change adaptation and mitigation), not to mention the first of its kind sub-speciality program in gastrointestinal cancer surgery, the 30 Somaliland graduates from our Hargeysa campus, and the twin brothers (Bona and Bonsa) who became the third in JU history to have graduated from just one program, the medical faculty (in MD).

Congratulations to you all dear JU class of 2022/2023!!!
Jimma University President (Jemal Abafita (PhD))


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International Conference on Green Fuels for Bio-based Circular Economy (IC-GFBCE-2023)

Call for PAPERS IC-GFBCE-2023 (11th-12th May, 2023) Organized by:JiT Center of Excellence- CRGE RESOURCE CART (Climate Resilient Green Economy Resource Centre for Advanced Research and Training –Linking Energy with Water and Agriculture) At Jimma Institute…

  • 8:00am8:00pm(May 12, 2023)

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