Jimma University Procurement & Property Administration Directorate Office

Duties and responsibilities of the office are to:

  • Provide the maximum need of the University’s user group in terms of  supplies & services with regard to procurement of Goods, Works & Consultancy service & Non- Consultancy services and Property Administration in line with:-

    • The Ethiopian Federal Government Procurement and Property Administration Proclamation 649/2009.

    • Federal Government Procurement Implementation Directives  649/2009

    • Procurement Manuals.

    • Stock Management Manual.

    • Government Owned Fixed Assets Management Manual (GOFAMM).

    • Standard Bid Document Prepared by “The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopian Public Procurement and Property Administration Agency”.

    • For project funded projects like the World Bank, procurement is made as per procurement guidelines of the World Bank.

  • Develop procurement and property related strategies and operational plan;

  • Plan, organize, direct, lead, manage and control the procurement and property activities of the University;

  • Ensure the procurement and property administration decisions are consistent with the relevant policies and procedures of the University as well as the applicable laws and regulations of the country;

  • Ensure that there is proper coherence between University plans, procurement and purchases;

  • Advise the President, the Vice Presidents and senior staff providing authoritative technical and policy advice on all aspects of procurement and property administration matters;

  • Prepare and submit recommendations on the basis of the relevant University plans, concerning procurement process;

  • Recommend administrative policies that govern procurement and related structural improvement to the Vice President;

  • Prepare annual procurement and other property administration plan;

  • Oversee the proper implementation of the procurement and  property administration policies throughout the University;

  • Prepare and update price index for bid documents and communicate it to all budget centers;

  • Correspond with external organizations pertaining to all procurement matters;

  • Plan and study how best to improve the performance of the office;

  • Managing and controlling properties of the University by recording, maintaining and distributing office materials and equipment to users. The section is also responsible to discard used materials after getting approval from top management;

  • Record the list of misconducts and corrupted suppliers of the campus and report the same for proper legal measures to be taken;

  • Present timely reports of the performance of the office;

Procurement & Property Administration