Molecular Biology RC

Jimma University Molecular Biology Research Center (JU-MBRC) was established in 2010 as part of VILR Institutional University Cooperation program between Jimma University and a consortium of Flemish universities (Belgium). It consists of two laboratory units, the Molecular Laboratory and the Neglected Tropical Disease Laboratory. The JU-MBRC became operational since 2013 in collaboration with Ghent University (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine). Since March 2017, the Senate of Jimma University positioned the Center under the Vice President for Research and Community Service.

Currently, JU-MBRC is one of the core centers at Jimma University, and is engaged in both national and international research projects, organizing trainings, transferring advance knowledge, skills &/or technologies in the field of growing the state-of-art in molecular biology areas and its application at JU. Moreover, the Center and Molecular Biology and Immunology course team of School of Medical laboratory are preparing a curriculum to open MSc program and inspire to accept both national and international post-graduate students and post-doctoral attachments.


To create a strong basis for advanced molecular biology research through technology transfer, establishment of a graduate core curriculum and trainings for an interdisciplinary structure across Universities and other institutions within Ethiopia


To provide interdisciplinary services in researches, trainings, teaching, diagnosis and to support the prevention and control of infectious diseases of humans, animals and crops


  1. To enhance understanding, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control of human and animal diseases including drug resistance studies
  2. To enhance research capacity and its advancements to genetic characterization, sequencing, cloning, & vaccine development.
  3. To create an atmosphere where different researchers and/or collaborators be attracted and strengthen interdisciplinary networking with in the University and across the world.
  4. To undertake competitive researches in molecular mechanisms of parasites and other infectious Diseases
  5. To provide an internationally recognized Center of all rounded molecular biology services
  6. To provide training for graduate and post-graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.