Institutional Network for Design and Manufacturing Engineering Education & Training

INDMEET (Institutional Network for Design and Manufacturing Engineering Education & Training) project is a 6-year partnership project between Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Jimma Institute of Technology (JiT), Faculty of Science and Technology of University of Stavanger (UiS) in Norway, and Wollega University (WU) in Ethiopia. JiT at JU serves as the main partner in the south-North. The project aims to strengthen the institutional capacity of partners in south to improve the quality of engineering education, and technical and vocational training. Project activities will focus on Design and Manufacturing Engineering and outreach activities to Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET). The project has four parts: Education, Research, TVET (Industries) and Institutional capacity building (Scientific equipment).

The education component will develop workforce (of which at least 50% will be females) within Design and Manufacturing Engineering. Key outputs include: 80 graduates (50 at JU and 30 at WU) in MSc degree, among which 30 (18 from JU and 12 from WU) are awarded full scholarship for MSc studies; 50 TVET teachers and engineers from local industries every other year trained (3D modelling & digital tools) through annual summer schools; One semester mobility grants for 12 female or marginalized students, 8 PhD researchers (4 from JU and 4 from WU) and 3 PostDoc researchers (2 from JU). Ph.D., PostDoc and collaboration researches will focus on local problems by infusing innovation using rapid prototyping technology test centre in Mega research and gender-responsive innovation in product design and development with help of 3D printer and scanner.