Why study and teach at JU?

Why study and teach at JU?

The Jimma Zone, where Jimma town and Jimma University is situated is an ever green area with enticing scenery.  It is known for pleasant weather condition with moderate rainfall and temperature all year long. It is the place of the origin of coffee and naturally gifted with diverse plant species that offers splendid opportunities for students and researchers in the fields of agriculture. 

The expansion of a huge teaching and referral hospital has already been completed equipped with the state of the arts facilities. This added with competent and qualified teaching professionals providing theoretical and practical training makes it a preferred destination to study in various field of health and medical sciences.

The Jimma Institute of Technology has shown remarkable changes over the last ten years. It has become one of the biggest technology institutes in the country with high tech workshop and laboratory facilities to host 15,000 students on campus offering training on various engineering disciplines at BSc, MSc and PHD level.

Being a comprehensive university with ever growing teaching and research facilities and capacity puts JU in an advantageous position to be an institution of primary choice for training, research and partnership in the Eastern Africa sub region. 

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