Academic Excellence

Jimma University aspirations and ambitions can be seen in development activity throughout the campus and in every department and discipline. Through the dedicated efforts of its staff and faculty, long term strategic planning, investment and with a dedication to the development of its student body, Jimma University is positioning itself to achieve greater academic excellence.

Jimma University’s medical program is among the largest and best in the nation. With the physical expansion of the newly built Jimma University, Teaching Hospital and the creation of the Jimma Institute of Health, our leadership in this critical area is sure to grow in national terms. Jimma University also produces some of the best engineers and scientists in Ethiopia, which in large part is due to the founding of the Jimma Institute of Technology and the continued dedication and hard work of its dynamic leadership. Jimma University also places an emphasis on the rich culture of Ethiopia, and through the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, fields such as Oromo and Amharic language as well as culture and folklore studies are increasingly becoming leading programs in the nation. Music, theatre arts, and sports are also new areas the university has created with the intention of making them nationally recognized for their ability to elucidate Ethiopia’s rich musical and theatrical tradition as well as athletic prowess. The College of Law and Governance also is a national leader in pro bono legal aid service as well as a major contributor of scholarly publications in the nation.  Internationally, our partnerships extend to mutual exchanges of faculty and students which allows for an increase in the exchange of ideas globally.

Colleges of Jimma University

Jimma University is organized in to the following Colleges & Institutes