Ethiopian Institute of Resilience to Climate Change (EIRCC)

Climate change has long become the biggest threat to humanity. It affects all physical, biological, and human systems, from agriculture to ecosystem/biodiversity, human health, to water resources etc. It is a global phenomenon hampering socio-economic development and poverty alleviation efforts of nations.

Poor nations are the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, Ethiopia being among the hardest hit countries on the planet. Ethiopia’s high level of vulnerability to the effects of climate change emanate from its low socio-economic performance, low per capita income, limited capacity in disaster risk management among other things. This can also be linked to the weak institutional capacities, particularly availability of limited climate research centers in the country that can provide timely and relevant climate information to help informed-decision making at all levels.

For Ethiopia to address its CRGE targets there is an urgent need to set up strong and competitive climate change centers of excellence in strategically selected parts of the country. Cognizant of the fact, Jimma University has established Ethiopian Institute of Resilience to Climate Change (EIRCC) in response to the overwhelming demand of realizing the country’s vision of building climate-resilient communities in the years to come.

To be one of the leading institutions in the country in resilience and climate change adaptation and mitigation

To increase the resilience and sustainability of vulnerable communities to climate change through research, education, communication, and decision support.

To develop/establish strong research system on resilience and climate change adaptation to increase the resilience and sustainability of vulnerable communities and mitigate the growing impacts of climate change on the natural and human environment in Ethiopia in response to critical needs and priorities.


  • Undertake thorough policy-oriented research on the impacts of climate change, degree of resilience and possibilities for adaptation provide evidence-based policy advice on climate change, compile and disseminate knowledge and data

  • Improve scientific understanding of a changing climate and its impacts on communities and ecosystems

  • Create leading national and regional research center (center of excellence) in the area of climate change

  • Provide training and consultancy on resilience and climate change adaptation

  • Conduct multi-disciplinary applied research and outreach in response to needs

  • Take part in the development of resilience and climate change policies, guidelines and products essential for the mitigation of impacts of climate change

  • Support undergraduate and graduate programs at JU to enhance competencies in climate change research

  • Facilitate interdisciplinary research from a variety of natural, social and health sciences to address problems holistically and train professionals on climate change

Kefelegn Getahun (Ph.D.)
Director, Ethiopian Institute of Resilience to Climate Change (EIRCC)
Associate Professor, Geo-information, Land use Systems, Food Security & Climate Change
P.O.Box: 378,
Tel: +251-917 803674 (Cell phone)
Jimma University,
Jimma, Ethiopia