Director for Research

Research is one of the main pillars of Jimma University (JU) as it has a longstanding commitment and tradition of undertaking research. Since JU’s establishment, community oriented problem solving researches have been conducted by both staff and students helping to provide timely and necessary information within a range of different fields. The office of director for research manages all research activities in collaboration with research centers and/or institutes, colleges, academic institutes and units. The research undertakings have been stretched to national and international levels of collaborations.

The office of the director for research is one of the main directorate offices under the Vice President for Research and Community Services with the following major duties and responsibilities: 

  • Develop research policies, guidelines and administrative procedures, and supervise their proper implementation,
  • Coordinate and facilitate innovative research activities (call for proposals, receive concept notes and CVs, regroup based on merit, assign PIs, allocate startup fund for proposal development, and execute the review process, allocate research fund),
  • Building, and providing sufficient support for researchers to enhance research capacity at the university, and to increase internal and external research funding opportunities for staffs, and PG students,
  • Identify thematic research areas, and update these overtime in consultation with VPRCS
  • Develop networks between the research institutes/centers and researchers in the field, locally, nationally and internationally,
  • Act as the link between the university and the community with respect to research initiatives of mutual benefit
  • Evaluate existing research capacity and identify gaps and priority areas for capacity building,
  • Monitor transferring knowledge to community through outreach for the colleges, research institutes/centers to ensure that their research objectives are aligned with the university’s Strategic Plan objectives,
  • Coordinate budgeting of research, check regular progress of research undertaking, and promote performance evaluation process in different colleges/institutes,
  • Support and facilitate collaborative research programs with donors and funding agencies,
  • Lead planning, organizing, supervising and monitoring of all research activities coordinated by college/institute research and PG coordinators, & heads of research institutes/centers, of the university,
  • Manage the proper discharge of administrative duties of the research institutes/centers, and research and PG coordinators including supervising personnel, financial management, and operations; working effectively with these offices,
  • Design strategy (set plan) for establishment of core laboratories, research facilities and superintend implementation of the plans,
  • Develop appropriate incentive schemes, and establish award criteria in the University for researchers,
  • Link PhD and Master’s researches with thematic, sponsored research projects, grants and external funding,
  • Encourage and support the raising of funds for research conducted by the university community,
  • Manage the research plan effectively and efficiently, ensuring that accepted standards of research and ethical behavior are met,
  • Organize plans, and prepare reports on research activities in all colleges/institutes/research institutes/centers, of the University to VPRCS,
  • Oversee and facilitate research activities for PG students,
  • Perform other duties as assigned by VPRCS.

Contact address:

  • Sultan Suleman (PhD)
  • Director for Research, Jimma University 
  • Location: Main Campus, Preclinical (PC) Building 2nd floor, PC-246
  • P. O. Box: 378, Jimma, Oromia National Regional State, Ethiopia
  • Tel.: +251 472115812 (Office) 
  • +251 911 74 23 54 (Mobile)