Center of Excellence (JIT)

Establishment of JiT Center of Excellence (Linking Energy with Water and Agriculture) is being facilitated through ExiST (Excellence in Science and Technology) being funded by KfW, Germany (KfW project No. 51235, BMZ No.2011 66 305) through Ministry of Education, Government of FDR of Ethiopia. The project became operational in the year 2017 and will run till the end of 2023.

 The following are expected to be realized by the end of the project

 Specific objectives:

1. Research capacity on climate smart innovations – linking energy security with food security- developed

2. A fully equipped CRGE Research Centre with the requisite research infrastructure
3. Integrated Multidisciplinary research programs across JU/JiT established and capacitated
4. Education and research integrated with Community Service
5. Technology transfer through incubation and develop links to economic development promoted
6. Short term training and consultancy offered to professionals on state of the art developments

Project Components

  1. Research Projects (28)
  2. Community service Projects (12)
  3. Ph D mentoring (12 sandwich scholarships- 2 female)
  4. Postdoc support (4- 1 female)
  5. M Sc mentoring (45)
  6. Short Term Training Programs (11+ many planned now)
  7. Laboratory and ICT equipment procurement Wide range of equipment)

For details lists attached concerning each of the components

Five research focus areas have been identified as follows

  • Biofuels
  • Water Energy Food Nexus
  • Climate smart Agriculture
  • New Energy materials
  • MHP and other Rural Electrification means

To facilitate research capacity building, International Partnership  agreements have been signed for exchange of sandwich Ph D students and staff with the following

  • University of Rostock, Germany
  • TH University of Applied Sciences, ITT Cologne, Germany
  • POLIMI, Milan, Italy
  • Universite Libre De Bruxelles, Brussles, Belgium

For more details, Contact:
Prof. Dr.Venkata Ramayya Ancha
Focal Person: JiT Center of Excellence  (Linking Energy with Water and Agriculture)

Asst. Focal Person: Dr. Ing Dereje Tadesse
Jimma Institute of Technology
Jimma University