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 JiT CoE Publications in International Peer reviewed Journals REALIZED (End of June 2022)

 Ph.D students:

1. WT Dibaba, TA Demissie,, K Miegel, Drivers and implications of land use/land cover
dynamics in Finchaa catchment, northwestern Ethiopia, Land 9 (4), 113
2. WT Dibaba, TA Demissie, K Miegel Watershed hydrological response to combined land
use/land cover and climate change in highland Ethiopia: Finchaa catchment, Water 12 (6), 1801
3. WT Dibaba, TA Demissie, K Miegel, Prioritization of Sub-Watersheds to Sediment Yield and
Evaluation of Best Management Practices in Highland Ethiopia, Finchaa Catchment Land 10
(6), 650
4. WT Dibaba, K Miegel, TA Demissie, Evaluation of the CORDEX regional climate models
performance in simulating climate conditions of two catchments in Upper Blue Nile Basin,
Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans 87, 2019,101104
5. G Zerssa, D Feyssa, DG Kim, B Eichler-Löbermann, Challenges of Smallholder Farming in
Ethiopia and Opportunities by Adopting Climate-Smart Agricultur, Agriculture 11 (3), 192,
6. GW Zerssa, DG Kim, P Koal, B Eichler-Löbermann, Combination of Compost and Mineral
Fertilizers as an Option for Enhancing Maize Zea mays L.) Yields and Mitigating Greenhouse
Gas Emissions from a Nitisol in Ethiop, Agronomy 11 (11), 2097, 2021,
7. Mekonnen, T.; Bhandari,R.; Ramayya, V. Modeling, Analysis and Optimization of Grid‐
Integrated and Islanded Solar PV Systems for the Ethiopian Residential Sector: Considering an
Emerging Utility Tariff Plan for 2021 and Beyond., Energies 2021, 14, 3360.
8. Tefera Mekonnen
, Ramachandra Bhandari and A.Venkata Ramayya,,Techno-economic
analysis of grid-integrated PV/wind system for electricity reliability enhancement in Ethiopian
Industry Park, Sustainable Cities and Society (Elsevier) , Volume 53, February 2020, 10191
9. Tefera Mekonnen, Ramchandra Bhandari, Venkata Ramayya Ancha and Baseem Khan,
Analysis and Ranking of Barriers in Development of Solar Power Using Interpretive Structural
Modeling Method: Ethiopian Outlook, Distributed Generation & Alternative Energy Journal,
2022: Vol 37 Iss 3, SPECIAL ISSUE: Energy Access & Off-Grid Systems for Residential
Microgrids/ Nanog, DOI:
10. Million M.Afessa, PauloDebiagi, Ana IsabelFerreiro,Miguel A.A.Mendes, Tiziano Faravelli,
A.Venkata Ramayya, Experimental and Modeling Investigation on Pyrolysis of Agricultural
Biomass Residues: Khat Stem and Coffee Husk for Bio-oil Application, Journal of Analytical
and Applied Pyrolysis, Vol.162, March2022,105435 Available online 11 January 2022, 105435,
11. Derese T. Nega, A. Venkata Ramayya, Flavio Manenti,Andre Furtado Amaral, “Turning curse
into cure: Potential of water hyacinth for biorefining – A contextual investigation of lake Tana”,
Environmental Challenges, Vol.5 ,December 2021, 100387 (2021),
12. Tefera Mekonnen, Ramachandra Bhandari and A.Venkata Ramayya, Loss minimization and
voltage profile enhancement Loss minimization and voltage profile enhancement of distribution
system with integration of renewable DG and capacitor, J. Electrical Systems 18-2 (2022): 272-
13. Zerssa, G.W.; Koal, P.;Eichler-Löbermann, B. Fertilizer Management Strategy to Reduce
Global Warming Potential and Improve Soil Fertility in a Nitisol in Southwestern Ethiopia.
Chem. Proc. 2022, 10, 51.
14. Derese T. Nega, Venkata A. Ramayya, Million M. Afessa and Flavio Manenti”Invasive Water
Hyacinth Challenges, Opportunities, Mitigation, and Policy Implications: The Case of the Nile
Basin” In Aquatic Plants – Biology and Environmental Impacts, edited by Abdelfatah
Abomohra, Mei Li, Adel Almutairi. London: IntechOpen, 2022.
15. Tolera Abdissa Feyissa, Tamene Adugna Demissie, Fokke Saathoff and Alemayehu Gebissa,
Evaluation of General Circulation Models CMIP6 Performance and Future Climate change
Over Omo River Basin, Ethiopia , Sustainability 2023 15(8) 6507
16. Gebeyanesh Worku Zerssa, Dong-Gill Kim, Philipp Koal & Bettina Eichler- Löbermann,
Grain Mineral Concentrations in Maize (Zea Mays L.) and Nutrient Use Efficiency as Affected
by Fertilizer Management on a Nitisol in Southwestern Ethiopia,, Communications In Soil
Science And Plant Analysis
17.Henok Mossissa, Million M. Afessa, Derese Nega, Muhammad Ahsan Amjed and A. Venkata
Ramayya, Opportunities and Challenges of Harnessing Biomass Wastes for Decentralized Heat
and Energy Generation and Climate Mitigation via Fluidized-bed Gasification Pathway, in
“From Biomass to Biobased Products” (ed) Eduardo Jacob-Lopes, IntechOpen, 2023
18. Yohannes Alemu, Ramchandra Bhandari & Venkata Ramayya Ancha (2023) Environmental
footprint evaluation of Jatropha biodiesel production and utilization in Ethiopia: a
comprehensive well-to-wheel life cycle analysis, Biofuels, DOI:
19. Derese T. Nega, Venkata Ramayya Ancha, Flavio Manenti, Zafar Adeel, A comprehensive
policy framework for unlocking the potential of water hyacinth in Ethiopia’s circular
bioeconomy, Journal of Cleaner Production, 2024,140509,ISSN 0959-6526,
20. Nebiyu Bogale Mereke, Venkata Ramayya Ancha, Patrick Hendrick Numerical modeling and
CFD simulation of diffuser augmented dual vertical axis hydrokinetic Banki-Michell turbine
21. Tamene Adugna Demissie ,Land use and land cover change dynamics and its impact on
watershed hydrological parameters: the case of Awetu watershed, Ethiopia, Journal of
Sedimentary Environments,
22. Zerihun Asmelash Samuel,Treatment of wet coffee processing plant wastewater by aeration
with constructed wetland/Cyperus ustulatus and Typha latifolia plants process 238(2021)306-
312: DOI:
23. Samuel Z.A.,Treatment of combined coffee processing wastewater using constructed
wetland/Cyperus-ustulatus and Typhalatifolia plants process, Global NEST Journal, 23(3),2021,
24. Dejene Beyene , Mohammedsani Abdulkadir, and Adisu Befekadu, Production of Biodiesel
from Mixed Castor Seed and Microalgae Oils: Optimization of the Production and Fuel Quality
Assessment, International Journal of Chemical Engineering Volume 2022, Article ID 1536160,
25. Tamene Adugna Demissie, Impact of climate change on hydrologic components using
CORDEX Africa climate model in Gilgel Gibe I water shed- Ethiopia, Heliyon 9 (2023) e16701
26. Dejene Beyene, Dejene Bekele, Bezu Abera. Biodiesel from blended microalgae and waste
cooking oils:Optimization, characterization, and fuel quality studies[J]. AIMS Energy, 2024,
12(2): 408-438.
M.Sc Students
27. Mustefa Jibril Taha, Fiseha Bogale Kibret, Venkata Ramayya, Balewgize Amare Zeru, Design
and evaluation of solar parabolic trough collector system integrated with conventional oil boiler,
Archives Of Electrical Engineering”, Vol.. 70(3), pp.657 –673 (2021),
28. Endeshaw Alemu Bekele,, Venkata Ramayya Ancha,Tarekegn Limore Binchebo, Analysis of
Solar Irradiance Variation on Heat Flux and Temperature Distribution for a Dish Concentrator
Receiver, ASME Open J. Engineering. Jan 2022, 1: 011011 , AOJE-21-
29. Amanuel Tesfaye, A.Venkata Ramayya and Getachew Shunki, “Numerical Analysis of the
Effect of Runner to Basin Diameter Ratio on the Performance of Gravitational Water Vortex
Turbine in a Scroll Basin”, Int. Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering (2022),.
30. W. Bitew Shumiye, V. Ramayya Ancha, A. Kidanemariam Tadese, B. Amare Zeru, Exergy
Analysis of Solar-Geothermal based Power Plant integrated with Boiling,and Reverse Osmosis
Water Purification, Energy Conversion and Management:X (2022), doi:
31. E.A. Bekele, V.R. Ancha, Transient performance prediction of solar dish concentrator
integrated with stirling and TEG for small scale irrigation system: A case of Ethiopia,
HELIYON 8 (2022) e10629 ,
32. Kole, Adem Tibesso, Balewgize Amare Zeru, Endeshaw Alemu Bekele and Venkata Ramayya
Ancha,. “Design, Development, and Performance Evaluation of a Husk Biomass Cook Stove at
High Altitude Condition.”International Journal of Thermo-fluids, 2022 ,
33. Yigrem Solomon ,Ermias Girma,and Ancha Venkata Ramayya, Amalgamation and
Optimization of FAEE Biodiesel Fuel from Croton macrostachyus hochst. ex Delile Seed oil
Utilizing Solid Calcium Oxide-Chicken Eggshell Squander as a Heterogeneous Catalyst,
International Journal of Analytical Chemistry, Volume 2022, Article ID 7984077, 11 pages
34. Debela Alema Teklemariyem, Eshetu Tadesse Yimer, Venkata Rammaya Ancha, Balewgize
Amare Zeru Parametric study of an empty diffuser geometric parameters and shape for a wind
turbine using CFD analysis, Heliyon Journal, 2024,
35. Ashebir Merkeb Gizaw, Venkata Ramayya Ancha, Kuleni Diro Diriba & Tarekegn Limore
Binchebo (2024) Experimental study and analysis of the effect of detergent on the production of
biogas from toilet drainage system linked to biogas digester in Ethiopia, Biofuels,
36. Ephrem Assefa Feyissa, Getachew Shunki Tibba, Tarekegn Limore Binchebo,
EndeshawAlemu Bekele, Adem Tibesso Kole, Energy potential assessment and techno–
economic analysis of micro hydro–photovoltaic hybrid system in Goda Warke village, Ethiopia,
Clean Energy, Volume 8, Issue 1, February 2024, Pages 237–260,
37. Fetta, M.M., Ancha, V.R., Fantaye, F.K. et al. Experimental evaluation of biogas production
from anaerobic co-digestion of cactus cladodes, cow dung, and goat manure. Braz. J. Chem.
Eng. (2024).
38. Matiewos Mekonen Abera, Venkata Ramayya Ancha, Balewgize Amare, Sangaraju
Sambasivam, Kotturu V.V. Chandra Mouli, L. Syam Sundar ,
Simulation and Optimization of Energy Efficiency and Total Enthapy Analysis of Sand Based
Packed Bed Solar Thermal Energy Storage, Frontiers in Heat and Mass Transfer, 2024 (in
Research Projects
39. J.B. Belay, N.G. Habtu, Venkata Ramayya Ancha, A.S. Hussen, “Alkaline Hydrogen Peroxide
Pretreatment of Cladodes of Cactus (Opuntia Ficus-Indica) for Biogas Production”, HELIYON,
40. Tamene Adugna Demissie and Chala Hailu Sime, Assessment of the performance of
CORDEX regional climate models in simulating rainfall and air temperature over southwest
Ethiopia, Heliyon, August 2021,
41. Lemma D.B., Gebretsadik K.T., Debela S.K. 2021. Forest cover change detection in relation to
climate variability and LULC changes using GIS and RS techniques. A case of Kafa zone,
southwest Ethiopia. Journal of Water and Land Development. No. 51 (X–XII) p. 152–162.
42. Shriparna Mukherjee, Shanmukha Kiran Aramanda, Surafel Shiferaw Legese, Alexander Riss,
Gerda Rogl, Olu Emmanuel Femi, Ernst Bauer, Peter Franz Rogl, and Kamanio
Chattopadhyay, Anisotropy of Microstructure and Its Influence on Thermoelectricity: The Case
of Cu2Te–Sb2Te3 Eutectic ACS Applied Energy Materials 2021 4 (10), 11867-11877
43. Legese, S.S., Olu, F.E. A Review of Lamellar Eutectic Morphologies for Enhancing
Thermoelectric and Mechanical Performance of Thermoelectric Materials. J Indian Inst
Sci (2022).
44. Ermias Girma Aklilu, Ramachandran Kasirajan, Edo Begna Jiru, Samuel Gesesse Filate and
Venkata Ramayya Ancha, Ultrasonic supported oil extraction, process modeling,and
optimization by response surface methodology tool from Croton Macrostachyus leaf, Biomass
Conversion and Biorefinery, 2022,
45. Sime, C.H., Demissie, T.A. Assessment and prediction of the climate change impact on crop
yield, in Jimma Zone Upper Gilgel Gibe Districts, Ethiopia. Arab J Geosci 15, 313 (2022).
46. Syam Sundar, Ramayya Ancha Venkata,Enhanced Effectiveness and Thermal Performance
Factor Of Nickel Nanofluid Flow In A Plate Heat Exchanger, Volume 29, Issue 6, 2022, pp. 61-
92, DOI: 10.1615/JEnhHeatTransf.2022042306
47. Ramachandran Kasirajan, Edo Begna Jiru , Ermiyas Girma , Venkata Ramayya Ancha ,
Sasivaradhan Sadasivam , Mani Jayakumar , Rajasimman Manivasagan , Synthesis of Biobased oxides nano-composites catalyst from croton macrostachyus leaves for biodiesel
production from croton macrostachyus seed oil, Fuel 325 (2022) 124900 , https://
48. Mohammed Asanu, Dejene Beyene , and Adisu Befekadu, Removal of HexavalentChromium
from Aqueous Solutions Using Natural Zeolite Coated with Magnetic Nanoparticles:
Optimization, Kinetics, and Equilibrium Studies, Adsorption Science & Technology Volume
2022, Article ID 8625489,
49. Tulu, T. K., Atnew, S. M., Bededa, R. D., Wakshume, D. G., & Ancha, V. R. (2022). Kinetic
Modeling and Optimization of Biomass Gasification in Bubbling Fluidized Bed Gasifier Using
Response Surface Method. International Journal of Renewable Energy Development, 11(4),
50. Edo Begna Jiru,· Ermias Girma Aklilu, Ramachandra Kasirajan, Venkata Ramayya Ancha,
Modeling and Optimization of Biodiesel Production from Croton macrostachyus Leaves Oil,
Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 2022,,
51. Ibro, M.K.; Ancha, V.R.;Lemma, D.B. Impacts of Anaerobic Co-Digestion on Different
Influencing Parameters: A Critical Review. Sustainability 2022, 14,9387.
52. Syam Sundar, Venkata Ramayya Ancha, Influence of Thermophysical Characteristics on
Figure-of-merit in Turbulent Heat Transfer of Water and Ethylene Glycol Mixture based
rGO/nanodiamond Hybrid Nanofluids” Journal of Enhanced Heat Transfer,2022, ,Volume 30, Issue 3, 2023, pp. 1-32, DOI: 10.1615/JEnhHeatTransf.2022044391
53. Ebsa, D.G., & Dibaba, W. T. 2022. Assessment of drinking water treatment and disinfection
by-products. South African Journal of Chemical Engineering. 41, pp.85-92
54. Dibaba, W. T., & Ebsa D.G. 2022. Identifying Erosion Hot Spot Areas and Evaluation of Best
Management Practices in the Toba Watershed,Ethiopia. Water Conservation & Management,
6(1): 30-38.
55. Abdulkerim, E., Fufa, F. & Takala, W. 2022. Identification of groundwater recharge site using
geographical information system and remote sensing: case study of Sude district, Oromia,
Ethiopia. Environ Earth Sci 81, 56.
56. M. Dhakshnamoorthy; A. Kathirvel; S. Mohan Raj; Venkata Ramayya Ancha; Mulualem
Abebe and Sudip Batabyal, Self-powered white light photodetector with Enhanced photo
response using Camphor sulphonic acid treated CsPbBr3 Perovskite in carbon matrix, Materials
Letters, 2023, 134250 Available online 20th March 2023 10.1016/j.matlet.2023.134250
57. Yericho Berhanu, Abebe Nigussie, Abdo Aba Jifar, Milkyas Ahmed, Armaye Biresaw,
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agroforestry systems with different intensities of canopy closure, Science of The Total
Environment, Volume 876, 2023, 162821, ISSN 0048-9697
58. Bayisa, Y.M., Bullo, T.A., Jiru, E.B. Venkata Ramayya Ancha Sustainable green biogas production
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via response surface methodology. Reac Kinet Mech Cat (2023).
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C,2023,108541,ISSN 2352-152X,
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the tannery wastewater to improve biogas production, Water Reuse (2023) 13 (3): 459–
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speed and port-injected fuel blend ratio on a reactivity-control compression ignition (RCCI)
engine performance, Energy Conversion and Management: X (2023), doi:
66. Zenaba Kadir Abdissa, Yetenayet B. Tola, Addissalem H. Taye, Hayat Hassen
Mohammed, Harmonizing Drying Time, Layer Thickness, and Drier Zones for Drying Kinetics: Quality
and Safety of Solar Tunnel-Dried Wet-Processed Parchment Coffee (Coffea arabica L. International
Journal of Food Science Volume 2023, Article ID 6677592, 16 pages
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Gibe I Auxiliary Load in Ethiopia. International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy,
14(2), 218–225.
76. Mohammed Kelif Ibro, Venkata ramayya Ancha, Dejene Beyene Lemma, Biogas Production
Optimization in Anaerobic Co-Digestion Process: A Critical Review on Process Parameters
Modeling and Simulation Tools, Accepted for Journal of Chemistry, 2024 in Press
77. Mohammed Kelif Ibro Venkata Ramayya Ancha . Dejene Beyene Lemma . Marcel Pohl,
Enhancing Biodegradability of Coffee Husk and Water Hyacinth using Food Waste: Synergistic
and Kinetic Evaluation under Co-digestion , Bioenergy Research, 2024 in Press
Community Service projects
78. Yasin Ahmed Waday, Ermias Girma Aklilu, Mohammed Seid Bultum, Venkata Ramayya
Ancha, Dejene Beyene, “Isolation and Characterization of Plant Growth-Promoting
Rhizobacteria from Coffee Plantation Soils and Its Influence on Maize Growth”, Applied and
Environmental Soil Science, Vol. 2022, Article ID 5115875, 8 pages, 2022.
79. Yasin Ahmed Waday, Ermias Girma Aklilu, Mohammed Seid Bultum, Venkata Ramayya
Ancha, Optimization of soluble phosphate and IAA production using Response Surface
Methodology and ANN approach, Heliyon,2022,e12224,ISSN 2405-8440, Volume 8, Issue
12, E12224, December 01, 2022
International Conference Presentations and proceedings
Ph. D students
80. Tefera Mekonnen Azerefegna, Ramchandra Bhandari , Venkata Ramayya A., Optimal Design
and Techno-Economic Analysis of Grid-connected PV power System for Industry Park under
grid outages ,Volume 2: Proceedings of 11th International Conference on Applied Energy, Part
1, Sweden,2019, Paper ID: 51 , ISBN 978-91-985634-1-2
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system performance enhancement with the integration of renewable energy, Presented at Energy Engineering and Power Technology World forum Conference, June 13_15, 2022 in Rome, Italy
82. Zerssa, G.W.; Koal, P.;Eichler-Löbermann, B , Oral presentation at the Global Symposium on
Soils for Nutrition (GSOIL4N) organized by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of
the United Nations held on 26‒29 July 2022, Rome Italy
83. Zerssa, G.W.; Koal, P.;Eichler-Löbermann, B . Poster presentation at the Tropentag 2022, as
hybrid conference on September 14-16, 2022, Czech University of Life Science, Prague,
Czech Republic
84. Milion M. Afessa, A.Venkata Ramayya and Tiziano Faravelli, , Experimental and Nonisothermal Kinetic analysis on Pyrolysis of Agricultural Biomass Residues for Bio-fuel
Application presented at Environmental Protection and Energy Conference, EPAE 2022, 9th
December 2022, Silesian University of Technology, Poland
85. Million M. Afessa, A.Venkata Ramayya, Andrea Locaspi, Paulo Debiagi, Alessio Frassoldati, Tiziano
Faravelli, Anna Szepannek, Angela Hofmann, Christoph Pfeifer, Pyrolysis Of Large Wood Particles:
Kinetic Modeling And Experimental Validation, Presented at Joint Meeting of the Belgian
And Italian Sections Of The Combustion Institute, 29th-31st May 2023, Florence, Italy
86. Rita S. Magalhães, Ana Isabel Ferreiro, Raquel Segurado, Million M. Afessa , Paulo Debiagi,,
A.Venkata Ramayya, Tiziano Faravelli and Miguel A.A. Mendes,, Impact of heating rate on
the pyrolysis of agricultural residues, submitted to 15th International Conference on
Combustion Technologies for a Clean Environment, June 25-29, 2023, Lisbon, Portugal
87. Zerihun Asmelash, Investigation of waste water discharges from wet coffee processing plant
(WCCP) by using aeration with Typha-latifolia plant tre atment process, Presented at 4thEuropean Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management,, Rome, Italy
August 2-5, 2021 (Virtual)
M.Sc Students
88. Amanuel Tesfaye, A. Venkata Ramayya , Performance Analysis of Gravitational Water Vortex
Turbine Using Openfoam, Presented at the 16th Conference on Sustainable Development of
Energy, Water and Environment Systems – SDEWES, held in hybrid mode from October 10 –
15, 2021 in Dubrovnik,Croatia
89. Wuberest Bitew, Addisu Kidanemariam A. Venkata Ramayya, Balewgize Amare, ,Exergy
Analysis of Solar-Geothermal Based Power Plant Integrated with Boiling and Reverse Osmosis
Water Purification, Presented at the 16th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy,
Water and Environment Systems – SDEWES, held in hybrid mode from October 10 – 15, 2021
in Dubrovnik,Croatia ,
90. Pacifique Koshikwinja Matabishi, Million Merid, Ebise Getacho, Venkata Ramayya,
Comparative assessment of fast determination methods of lignocellulosic composition of
biomass. A case of cassava peels, Presented at 8th Environmental Protection & Energy
Conference (EPAE 2021) Silesian University of Technology, Poland, 10th December 2021,
Contemporary Problems Of Power Engineering And Environmental Protection 2021,pp129-
91. Pacifique Koshikwinja Matabishi, Million Merid, Ebise Getacho, Venkata Ramayya, Cassava
peels pyrolysis kinetics, thermodynamics and prediction of bio-oil yield, Presented at 8th
Environmental Protection & Energy Conference (EPAE 2021) Silesian University of
Technology, Poland, 10th December 2021, Contemporary Problems Of Power Engineering And
Environmental Protection 2021, pp 139-150, ISBN 978-83-964116-1-7
92. Yohannes Alemu, presented at Modeling and Simulation of Energy and Exergy Analysis of
closed Brayton cycle Combined with organic Rankine cycles for Parabolic Trough Solar Power
Plant.” Presented at Environmental Protection and Energy Conference, EPAE 2022, 9th
December 2022, Silesian University of Technology, Poland
Research Projects
93. Jemal Beshir Belay, Venkata Ramayya Ancha, Nigus Gabbiye Habtu,. Kinetic Study of the
Anaerobic Digestion of Cladodes of Cactus (Opuntia Ficus Indica), Presented at 8th
Environmental Protection & Energy Conference (EPAE 2021) Silesian University of
Technology, Poland, 10th December 2021, Contemporary Problems Of Power Engineering And
Environmental Protection 2021, pp 177-184, ISBN 978-83-964116-1-7
94. Esayas Alemayehu, GERD: Implications of freshwater crisis and affordable technologies
27th October 2021, GERD/Nile International SymposiumNational Peer Reviewed Journals
Ph. D students
95. WT Dibaba, TA Demissie, K Miegel, Assessment of the Potential Impacts of Climate Change
in Agricultural Catchment: The Case of Fincha, North western Ethiopia, Ethiopian Journal of
Crop Science 8 (2), 2020

96. M. Afessa, M., Ramayya, A., T. Nega, D., M. Mossisa, H., Locaspi , A., & Faravelli, T. F.
(2023).Investigation of Kinetic, Thermodynamic and Performance Parameters during
Devolatilization ofAgricultural biomass Waste via TGA. Ethiopian Journal of Applied Science
and Technology, 16 -25
M.Sc students
97. K. Tabour, M. K. T., A.Venkata Ramayya, A. R., & M. Afessa, M. (2023) Characterization,
Comparative Study, and Kinetic Modeling of Waste Plastic and Biomass Blend for Bio-Fuel
Application. Ethiopian Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 51 – 58.

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4 Postdoc 2 Under review
5 M.Sc Students 4 Under review
1 Research Projects 5 Under review
Research Focus group seed funding 1 Under review
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