Research Policy

Jimma University Research Policy

Jimma University is a public higher learning institution equipped with trained human power, research facilities and infrastructure to advance need based and multidisciplinary research and innovation. The University has set well defined strategic objectives to realize its missions and visions that reflect the mandates of public higher learning institutions. The experience we had in research undertakings revealed that research works were highly fragmented in scope, lack consistency and direction to bring sound impact on the development of the nation and the regions. The postgraduate researches were designed to meet academic requirements with little contribution in addressing the problems of the region and the nation. Past experiences has also demanded to reorient research, community based education and postgraduate studies in such a way that the programs are in line with the mandates given to the University and bring about expected changes on the nation and the regions demand. Recognizing theses facts, Jimma University developed a Research, Community Based Education and Postgraduate Studies Policy. Jimma University has formulated a policy to address internal and external stakeholders’ needs either as research collaborators, funding agencies or research clientele and provides a framework to address the main obstacles to outstanding research performance, community services and post graduate studies. The policy signifies a multidisciplinary and need based research and the postgraduate programs to be research based aligned with research thematic areas of the University. Community Based Education is the cherished philosophy of the University since its inception and will remain the core strategy of the University in addressing societal problems. The policy is designed to stimulate the synergy between research undertaking, post graduate studies and community based education. The University Senate approved the policy on its deliberation on July 22, 2010. The implementation of the policy is expected to maintain Jimma University’s leading position as a research-led University in the country and the region. It is my sincere hope that, the Research, Community Based Education and Postgraduate Studies Policy of Jimma University will create enabling policy environment to advance research, community services and quality education. The implementation and updating of the policy is a crucial job ahead of us and I urge all Jimma University community to work for the realization of the policy.
Jemal Abafita (PhD)
President of Jimma University
July 05, 2011