Recently accomplished projects

  • Clinical trials to assess efficacy of anthelmintic drugs under Good Laboratory and Good Clinical Practices
  • Double blind Randomized, Multi-Center, Parallel-Group, z Controlled Study to evaluate the Efficacy of 500 mg Chewable Tablet of Mebendazole in the Treatment of Soil transmitted Helminths infections in pediatric population. Sponsored by Janssen Pharmacitica (Pty). South Africa Coorporation.
  • Assessment of Burden of Brucellosis and development of prevention and control strategies in Ethiopia. Sponsored by Center of Disease control.
  • Pioneering the validation of novel diagnostic approaches for the diagnosis of soil-transmitted helminths
  • Assessment of bacteriophage Diversity in Jimma and its Environs: Sponsored by Howard University
  • The impact of life style on Mental Health among young men in Gilgel gibe Field Research Center: Sponsored by University of Germany
  • Molecular identification of soil-transmitted helminths
  • Genetic factors for psychotic problems