JiT Library


Jimma Institute of Technology Library is one of branch libraries of Jimma University library system. The library was established as branch Library of Jimma University library system in 2004. The library is commissioned to promote the Instructional, Research, and Public Service goals of the entire Institute of Technology (JIT) community through the expert provision of information.

Currently, JIT Library (JITL) is an integral part of Jimma University, Institute of Technology and one of the top Technology and engineering academic libraries in Ethiopia. In addition, the library is an active contributor to JIT achievements and it will continue its role and contributions in the future. The Library’s Omni disciplinary and highly regarded collections and information services support the institutions students, researchers and communities.


The library aspires to be a virtual science and technology university library in 2025 for the teaching, learning, research, scholarly activities and community services in a welcoming space where patrons choose to access valuable resources.


Acquire, preserve and disseminate knowledge and information to JIT community to create a good center of academic excellence in teaching-learning research and community services.

“Creating an Informed and a Life-Long-Self-Learner Society”

I. Collection

The library acquires varieties of information resources to support the teaching, learning, research, and scholarly activities of the institution. As result, JITL has more than 70,000 collections in different formats such as monographs, e-resources database, back issued journals, Slides, CDs on different subjects and substantial born digital collections. The library collection encompasses different formats such as:

 Digital Library:

 More than 14,000 digitalized engineering and technology books including core reference books, which are accessible through: http://library.ju.edu.et:8080/handle/378/9

 E-resources: The library has a huge number of e-resources, which are registered electronically and there is an attempt to access them through the university library system. Especially, full-text online journals and other types of electronic resources are available through PERI, HINARI and NLM in collaboration with INASP, WHO and NIM.

 More than 1500 online e-journal resources (full-text documents, reviews, abstracts, and databases), which are accessible through our website https://ju.edu.et/ju-library/subscriebed-journals/

 Institutional Repository: Which is a digital research archive consisting of accessible collections of scholarly work that represent the intellectual capital of Jimma University, Institute of Technology.
 More than 1, 700 institutional repository collections are accessible through our website https://repository.ju.edu.et/handle/123456789/1206

 Hard-copy: More than 24,600 print and automated volumes including monographs (book collections) which can be searched by users using OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)

II. Library Users and Staff

JITL is serving more than 12,000(students, academic and administrative staff) potential users in three branch libraries and one knowledge management center. The library has the capacity to serve 4000 users at a time.
The library has 76 staffs cross a number of occupational groupings and generally categorized as academic (one) and administrative (75) staff and all are non-professionals.

III. Branch Libraries

The library has three user based branch libraries and one knowledge management center as name as:

1. JIT Main Library (which can serve more than 3,800 users at a time)

2. JIT Female Students Library (which can serve more than 192 users at a time)

3. JIT Post-Graduate Library (which can serve more than 80 users at a time)

4. JIT Knowledge Management Center (The center serves as an academic referral, training, and information resource for the Institution community)

IV. Library Services

To meet the increasing needs, expectations of customers and the complex nature of the learning, teaching and research activities in higher education in Ethiopia as resource centers JIT Library provides highly regarded services that support the learning, discovery and engagement needs of the institute community.

A. 24hrs. Library services: The library provides 24 hrs. service to its clients per week including Sunday night

B. Traditional Library Services:

1. Circulation service unit

 Long loan service
 Short loan service
 Check point

2. Reference & Information service unit

C. Modern Library Service Delivery: The library delivers information services through modern library service provision methods such as:

 Information Delivery, Information delivery via email and telegram

 Internet and computer service: We have 100 computers which are functional and have internet service

 E-library Service: We collect, organize and disseminate Electronics collection of the institution to the institution community

 We prepare different types of mechanisms to deliver electronic educational materials

 We develop mobile application called Kito app

 We open telegram channel and email group named JIT Library to deliver new and different information to the institution community

 We prepare different flyers brochures to promote our e-library services

 An additional email searching assistance service starting from April 30, 2020, onwards to JIT postgraduate students and academic staffs

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