Jimma University Innovation Incubation Center

From Seed to Stride: Witnessing the Remarkable Journey of Jimma University Innovation Incubation Center, JUIIC

One year ago, a beacon of innovation was ignited, as the Jimma University Innovation Incubation Center, JUIIC, opened its doors with the New Look, New Structure, New facilities, Talented, Committed and Hardworking Initiators and Innovators. Since then, it has transformed into a vibrant hub, empowering aspiring innovators, entrepreneurs, nurturing groundbreaking ideas and availing trainings and resources. As we mark this momentous occasion, we invite you to join us in recognizing and acknowledging the talented and dedicated staffs Mr. Adane Tadesse and Dessalew Yohannes that have brought the funding, reorganized and run the center and shaped its one year long exemplary success.

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