JiT Vent: Appropriate Mechanical Ventilator

Design, development, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical ventilators sub-team is one of the four sub-teams organized under the research, development, and manufacturing team in JiT. The main objectives of this sub-team are to develop an appropriate and affordable mechanical ventilator from locally available materials which can help in the treatment of patients with acute respiratory problems like COVID-19 patients as well as maintenance of conventional mechanical ventilators.

This sub-team composed of staffs from the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, School of Biomedical Engineering, and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The team was engaged in applied research aimed at the design, development, testing, and manufacture of a prototype of an appropriate mechanical ventilator from locally available materials following scientific methodology for the last one and half month.
Accordingly the sub-team has been able to successfully develop and calibrate an appropriate and affordable mechanical ventilator named JiT Vent.
The JiT vent is designed to contain and manage the important parameters in order to ventilate a patient comfortably. It consists of five controllable parameters which include: BPM (breaths per minute), Tidal Volume (TV), I/E Ratio (inspiratory/expiration time ratio), plateau pressure, and PEEP. It can also be switched between volume control mode and assist mode. Valuable comments and suggestions were obtained from the concerned staffs of the Institute of Health Science, IHS, and COVID-19 task force of JU. In the next step rigorous test of the JiT vent will be performed.

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