In order to commemorate the Gostar Foundation’s 25th anniversary in Jimma, Ethiopia, a charity event night was arranged in Switzerland on January 27th, 2024. In Switzerland, there were many well-known figures from the entertainment, political, and sports industries at the event. Most likely, the action was also recorded by Swiss TV for the first installment of the 2024 bike challenge in Ethopia. In celebration of the Gostar initiative’s 25th anniversary, Dr. Jorg Peltezer, the initiative’s founder, received an honor. At the event, Dr. Jemal and Prof. Netsanet were both invited by Jimma University, which reportedly awarded him a medal and designated him as an honorary staff member of the university. It was great to have local representation. Participating in and observing the proceedings of the ceremony was a brilliant idea. The chance for Swizerland guests to visit Jimma University and see guests from Jimma University, as well as meet local politicians, gave them a wonderful understanding of the situation in the area. They also set up meetings with representatives of the university and the government. With three hundred attendees, many relationships were formed between the guests from Jimma University and Switzerland.

Pictures from the events above

Dr Jorg Peltzer performing a procedure with Jimma Orthopaedic surgeons

Bike tour of 2016.

The bike tour is done every three years to raise money for Jimma hospital Orthopaedic centre. For
every kilometre travelled, the cyclist will donate a certain amount towards the foundation. We have

had two tours, one in 2012 and 2016 respectively. The tour is limited to 30 cyclists from Switzerland,
and the next tour dates are yet to be announced.

The POC -Prosthetics and Ortho centre also produces implants and other prosthetics for patients
requiring assistance with deformities and other conditions. The foundation also supports the centre
through technical expertise and equipment required in the production of prosthetics.

Donations Dr Peltzer presenting equipment to Jimma university CEO, Dr Elias, September 2021.

There is also a large shipment of goods, donated to the new hospital and worth over $50,000
arriving before the end of year. See below