JU is a government-funded entity. The School of Nursing began as a two-year diploma program in Clinical Nursing and Public Health Nursing in 1997. In 1994 it launched its first undergraduate Bachelor of Nursing program which was internationally benchmarked. It also delivers three MSc programs (Adult Health Nursing, Maternity Health Nursing, and Neonatal Nursing). Following the formation of the partnership between FCHS and JU in 2021, the school now delivers the same undergraduate Bachelor of Nursing program as FCHS (with the support of FCHS). The School of Nursing in JU therefore significantly contributes to the country’s health professional workforce to ensure optimum healthcare is provided for the Ethiopian population.
The BSc Nursing Program at FCHS-JU aims to prepare graduates for professional nursing roles across healthcare systems, promoting holistic healthcare and education.
The program strives to produce competent, skilled, and confident nursing graduates who adhere to national and international professional standards. It emphasizes high-quality education, scientific advancements, evidence-based practices, and a culture of caring and professionalism.
The FCHS-JU Nursing Program aims to develop graduates with critical thinking skills, ethical competence, cultural awareness, effective communication, evidence-based practice, problem-solving abilities, and a commitment to safe and quality healthcare.

Graduates of the program are expected to possess insights into sciences and humanities, critical reflection skills, evidence-based decision-making abilities, cultural competence, collaborative skills, and ethical and professional values, and contribute to nursing’s ongoing development.