Fostering Innovation in Logistic and Supply Chain

An impressive research conference titled “Enhancing Supply Chain Management in Healthcare and Agriculture: Analyzing Performance, Challenges, and Echelon’s Role” took place at Jimma University on August 28-29, 2023.
Organized by Jimma University’s School of Pharmacy in partnership with the Elias Melake Foundation (EMF) and the KUHNE Foundation, the event convened experts, researchers, and professionals across disciplines to explore and discuss strategies for improving supply chain management practices.
The conference kicked off with Mr. Elias Melake’s welcoming words, expressing gratitude for collaborating with Jimma University. He highlighted the event’s focus on healthcare and agriculture supply chain management. Dr. Misra Abdullah, Dean of Public Health, followed with an inspiring speech, emphasizing research and innovation. The conference featured paper presentations exploring agriculture, logistics, and supply chains, fostering lively discussions.
Professor Netsanet Workneh, Vice President of Research and Community Service, delivered a closing remark that emphasized the multidisciplinary nature of the conference and the integral role of different sectors in achieving effective supply chain management. She expressed her appreciation for the valuable contributions made by participants and encouraged further research and active participation from individuals and sectors.
Jimma University School of Pharmacy presented a well-deserved certificate of appreciation to the Elias Melake Foundation for their outstanding support and collaboration with the university. The foundation’s contributions have been instrumental in advancing research and innovation in supply chain and logistics, benefiting both the university and the wider community.
The conference ended positively, inspiring participants to pursue research and collaboration in supply chain management. It catalyzed future efforts and emphasized the importance of logistics for positive change in healthcare and agriculture.
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