Jimma University leads massive free medical and humanitarian initiative

President Dr. Jemal Abafita of Jimma University recently visited five free medical provision sites within Jimma town.

This summer, Jimma University is taking a commendable step by offering free medical services and humanitarian aid to an estimated 140,000 individuals.

The range of services provided includes clinical and non-clinical activities. These encompass free medical screenings for both communicable and non-communicable diseases like hypertension (HTN), diabetes (DM), cervical cancer, breast cancer, ENT cases, ophthalmologic cases, and more.

Moreover, the initiative involves health education services, blood donation, as well as non-clinical pursuits like donating educational materials, renovating underprivileged houses, environmental cleanup, and tree planting.

This meaningful effort is scheduled to take place from August 14 to August 30. Notably, beyond Jimma town, the plan extends to reaching out to three additional selected woredas within the Jimma zone.

It’s also recognized that this initiative receives support from various stakeholders, including the Jimma zone, town health, and administration bureaus.

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