Ethiopian Physics Society in North America (EPSNA) has conducted a virtual summer school in collaboration with Universities in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Physics Society in North America (EPSNA) recently organized a virtual summer school in collaboration with universities in Ethiopia. The primary objective of the summer school was to provide students in Ethiopian higher education institutions with exposure to cutting-edge research in their respective fields of study. Additionally, the school aimed to inspire more students to pursue graduate education and contribute to the advancement of research in Ethiopia. Furthermore, the school sought to foster a conducive environment for collaboration among faculty members, including co-advising graduate students in Ethiopia.
33 participants from 10 western universities have participated in the summer school, where the head of Jimma University Physics department has been the coordinator of the center. The participants include undergraduate students, postgraduate students and physics staff members. Distinguished scientists, engineers and others from different disciplines including sciences, engineering and mathematics have partaken in the presentations that has involved Noble prize winner in Physics and founder of PhET.
During the closing remarks of the summer school, Dr. Jemal Abafita, the President of Jimma University, expressed the university’s commitment to collaborate with the diaspora for the benefit of STEM education and the university’s science development program, as well as the nation as a whole. Dr. Jemal also expressed the university’s interest in exploring and establishing collaborations in education, joint research, postgraduate supervision, and other areas of mutual benefit with the EPSNA working task group and other potential Ethiopian diaspora.
The center coordinator expressed gratitude on behalf of the school to Jimma University.
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