Jimma University and Operation Smile-Ethiopia Enhance Pediatric Intensive Care and Burn Care.

Jimma University Institute of Health, in partnership with Operation Smile-Ethiopia, has undertaken a significant project to enhance Pediatrics Intensive Care and Burn care services.

The project encompasses a multi-faceted approach, including Strengthening the skills and capabilities of nursing staff, Pediatrics ICU and Burn Unit Infrastructure revitalization, Repairing non-functional mechanical ventilators through the procurement of essential spare parts, Enhancing IPPS (Infection Prevention and Patient Safety) practices, Standardizing the Surgical ICU with comprehensive labeling, Providing educational materials for staff, and Installing crucial handwashing facilities and alcohol-based hand rub dispensers.

The total budget allocated for this project exceeded $150,848, with a substantial portion, $94,000, dedicated to acquiring essential medical equipment. The remaining funds have been channeled into renovation, the procurement of local equipment, and comprehensive training programs.

The pivotal Handover Ceremony witnessed the presence of esteemed individuals, including Dr. Jemal Abafita, President of Jimma University, board members of Jimma University Institute of Health, and high-ranking executives from Operation Smile.

Highlights of the ceremony encompassed presentations shedding light on the remarkable journey of Pediatrics ICU and Burn care units, the unveiling of Operation Smile’s quality framework, and an informative tour of the renovated healthcare facilities.

During his address, Dr. Jemal emphasized Jimma University’s unwavering commitment to advancing education, research, and community service, in close collaboration with partner organizations. He expressed profound gratitude to Operation Smile for their invaluable contributions, which have significantly reduced pediatric mortality rates and elevated the quality of healthcare services.

Dr. Ahmed Zeynudin, V/P of the Jimma University Institute of Health, also underlined that over the course of 18 years of partnership with the Jimma University Medical Center, Operation Smile has played a pivotal role. They have enhanced the quality of healthcare by generously donating medical equipment and facilitating the professional development of healthcare experts.

Dr. Bryan Zimmerman, Vice President of Medical Quality at Operation Smile, underscored the critical importance of infection prevention practices and emphasized the need for continual improvements in healthcare quality.

It was highlighted that this transformative initiative would extend its impact to other healthcare service areas, propelling the pursuit of excellence in both education and patient care.

Mr. Abiy Semunigus, the Country Manager of Operation Smile, emphasized Operation Smile’s resolute commitment to ensuring that pediatric patients with lip and palate cleft conditions receive the specialized care they require. This entails comprehensive training for healthcare professionals, engagement of expert medical teams, and the provision of essential surgical treatments. Notably, within the next five years, Operation Smile aims to bolster the capabilities of the plastic and reconstructive surgical unit.

This collaborative effort celebrates a significant milestone in healthcare, reflecting a dedication to improving pediatric care and a steadfast commitment to the principles of quality education and healthcare excellence. Operation Smile Ministry of Health, Ethiopia Ministry of Education Ethiopia

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