Research to Commercialization (R2C) Training Week One

A specialized training program called “Research to Commercialization” has been provided to equip researchers with the necessary skills and knowledge in innovative products. This program aimed to create an enabling environment for Research to Commercialization, build capacity through a curriculum, and support research project commercialization.
Week one of the Research to Commercialization training program focused on laying the foundation for understanding the commercialization process. Participants were introduced to key concepts such as intellectual property (IP) protection, market analysis, funding opportunities, and entrepreneurship.
The training focused to provide researchers with a holistic understanding of the steps involved in transforming their research findings into marketable products or services. Selected participants were introduced to various platforms and taught how to leverage them to create compelling narratives around their research projects.
The program is funded by the FCDO Services under the RISA fund and implemented by ViKtoria Ventures company from Kenya and Jimma University.
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