Gender Policy

Gender is a societal state of affairs that classifies people on the basis of their being male or female and assigns roles accordingly. Especially in less developed countries, this stereotypical assignment provides women with only fewer opportunities in social, economic, and political affairs. It shuns them away from decision-making and leadership responsibilities; it denies their equality to men especially at the grassroots. Conversely, human beings, both men and women, are born equal in dignity and rights, and all human beings have to be treated with equal concern and respect. Hence, gender issues should be responded to by all people elsewhere to eliminate discrimination and bring radical changes in parity and sustainable development among humans. This gender-responsive approach facilitates respect: protection and fulfillment of the male and female peoples’ human and civil rights.

Here is the Gender Policy Reviewed_Policy_Document_reviewed_by_the_committee,_Dec_31,_2021