Transforming Jimma University’s Engineering Programs through Accreditation

Presentations have been made on the accreditation process of Jimma Institute of Technology’s 13 Engineering programs.
The ongoing process was presented to Jimma University Council members, JU executive members, JU ABET committee, JIT Deans, Technical Committee, and a representative from the Ministry of Education.
The objective of the presentation is to publicize the ongoing activities between Jimma University and Texas Technology University aiming to train high-caliber national and International professionals with USA identical standard curriculum.
The accreditation process presentations were done by Professor Stephen Ekwaro-Osire from Texas Technology University.
Dr. Netsanet Workineh vice president for research and community service led the morning presentation for Executive members; ABET committee, JIT Deans, and Technical Committee members, whereas Dr. Tadesse Habtamu vice president for academic affairs made an opening speech and opened the floor for presentation and discussion to council members in the afternoon session.
Professor Stephen has explained the concept of ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology), core elements of accreditation, quality enhancement, and strategic benefits of Jimma University and its students, including the accreditation process in detail.
He added he has been working with Jimma University for the last seven years and the Memorandum of Understanding was signed in December 2021.
After the signature, a lot has been done on curriculum, student outcomes, institutional support, program criteria, policies, and facility issues according to Professor Stephen.
Following the presentations, discussions, questions, and comments have been underway by the participants.
On previous days a workshop, lab visits, and detailed reporting of the progress including discussions have been made between JIT officials, instructors, and TTU representatives at Jimma Institute of Technology.
Likewise, TTU Professors have been doing similar accreditation works at Egypt, Morocco, and South African Universities according to Professor Stephen