A Three Days’ Workshop on Promoting Religious and Ethnic Tolerance in Ethiopia was Given to Selected JU Students by Dexis Consulting Group at Awetu Grand Hotel Jimma

(February 18-20, 2021) Dexis consulting group works with different organizations and educational institutions by providing training for volunteer students interested in combating online Hate Speech and disinformation to promote peace and stability. Religious and community representatives also attended the workshop. If not appropriately used, technological advancement can have a negative impact, as some used to disseminate hate among nations and nationalities based on their interest which is dangerous as it avoids unity and tolerance.
As Dr. Kenenisa Lemi, V/President for Administration and Students’ Service stated that our world needs peace more than ever during the opening remark. Many are using the existing technological advancement to diffuse hate speech that degrades human beings that weakens unity which is very challenging for our development. Focusing on existing diversity, such as ethnicity, clan, languages, and religion, many produce discriminating ideas as propaganda to label negatively one over the other, leading to lack of tolerance and escalating disorder.
Dr. Kenenisa also mentioned that failing to avert such practice will end in a serious problem; hence, we have to enhance how to be logical instead of judging anyone based on our feelings or emotions.For this project’s success, the contributions of higher education, GO’s and NGO’s, religious leaders, and community leaders have a significant role. Our University works with a Dexis Consulting Group targeting to promote peace and tolerance in our country.
As Mr. Dereje Seyoum, the coordinator of the program, mentioned, this training aims to equip the students with the necessary skill to combat hate speeches by identifying hate speech through tools produced for social media. During their stay, the students also conducted social media assessments and held a hands-on training on identifying and combating hate speech and disinformation.
Following this training, there will be quarterly meetings with different stakeholders to monitor and evaluate their performances and concerned bodies will provide appropriate feedback.