The Minister of the Consular of the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia visited Jimma University

A delegation from the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia, led by Yang Yihang, Minister of the Consular Section, paid a visit to Jimma University on November 8, 2023.
The purpose of this significant visit was to discuss with the management of Jimma University concerning the enhancement of cooperation between the University, the Chinese Embassy, and Chinese Universities.
During the meeting, fruitful deliberations took place regarding the various means by which Jimma University and the Chinese Embassy could collaborate to strengthen their partnership. Both parties expressed their commitment to fostering closer ties and exploring avenues for academic exchange and collaboration.
Jimma University expressed sincere gratitude for the invaluable assistance extended by the Chinese Embassy in facilitating training opportunities in China for Jimma University staffs in September 2023.
The discussions held during the visit serves as a foundation for future collaborations, ensuring mutual benefits for both Jimma University and Chinese academic institutions.
The visit reaffirmed the commitment of the Chinese Embassy and the Ethiopian university to foster a robust partnership and create opportunities for students and scholars from both countries.
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