Team Training Programme (TTP)

In the final year students from different hegemonies are posted as a team ( each team aims consists of 10-14students) in the nearby Training Health centers (6) The programmed aims


  1. To enable students to work as a member of team in addressing the problems raised and faced by a community
  2. To enable them to apply the knowledge and skills of their profession integrating these with the knowledge and skills of their members of the team and service personnel
  3. To give them a chance to learn through hands on experience and unreal life situations



  1. At the end of the coarse students actives and functional organization of the community health problems
  2. Describe the specific role and rancidities of a member within a team
  3. Identify priority hearth problem plan implement ,and evaluate team activities according to the needs and resources of the community.
  4. Use communication skills to involve the community and other sectors in the activities
  5. Conduct continuing education activates.
  6. Participate with members of the team in research oriented activities towards solving community health problems.
  7. Enhance service provision improving coverage