Strategic Partnership Discussion Held with Delegates from Ghent University of Belgium

Jimma University’s management recently held a productive discussion with a delegation from Ghent University, led by Professor Mieke Van Herreweghe, the Vice Rector of Ghent University. The main objective of the meeting was to explore opportunities for strategic partnership and further strengthen the existing collaboration between the two esteemed institutions.

Throughout the meeting, both parties engaged in deliberations regarding various aspects of their ongoing collaboration, with a focus on finding ways to enhance and expand their partnership. They emphasized the importance of continued cooperation in addressing the challenges encountered by NASCERE PhD students, recognizing the significance of providing them with adequate support systems.

On a discussion held on September 19, 2023 at Jimma University, Ghent University delegates expressed their unwavering commitment to advancing the collaboration and offered valuable insights into potential areas of cooperation. They also pledged to share their expertise and resources to assist Jimma University in overcoming the challenges faced by their PhD students.

The management of Jimma University warmly welcomed the collaborative spirit demonstrated by the Ghent University delegation and acknowledged the positive impact it would have on their institution’s staff capacity building initiatives.

The meeting between Jimma University’s management and the Ghent University delegation signifies a significant stride forward in strengthening their collaboration. By addressing the challenges faced by NASCERE PhD students and exploring avenues for enhanced cooperation, the two institutions are poised to make a lasting impact in the realms of education and research.

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