Ajaib Mohammed

Ajaib Mohammed

Software Engineer

Jimma Univeristy ICT Development Office

Ajaib Mohammed, a Senior Software Engineer at Jimma University, boasts a remarkable portfolio of skills spanning data science, web development, mobile applications, IoT, and AI. With a robust background in Software Quality Assurance (SQA), Ajaib has not only excelled in technology development but has also played a pivotal role in ensuring the highest standards of software quality.

Ajaib’s journey in the realm of SQA has equipped him with a discerning eye for detail, a commitment to adherence to industry best practices, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. His work experience in software quality assurance adds a crucial dimension to his profile, showcasing his ability to not only create innovative solutions but also to guarantee their reliability and performance.

In addition to his proficiency in SQA, Ajaib has actively contributed to various national and university-wide projects, including the Research Management System, Youth Volunteer Management System, Human Resource Management System, ATLAS, and others. This dual expertise in software engineering and quality assurance positions Ajaib as a versatile professional capable of delivering cutting-edge technology solutions with a focus on reliability and excellence.

Ajaib Mohammed’s comprehensive skill set and hands-on experience in SQA make him a standout figure in the field, bringing a unique blend of innovation and quality assurance to the forefront of technology development at Jimma University and beyond.

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    PO Box 1432, Jimma, Ethiopia

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    findajaib@gmail.com | ajaib.adem@ju.edu.et

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