Six promoted to full professorship


Jimma University Board of Governors endorsed the promotion to full professorship of six senior academic staffs during its regular session held on the 6th of August 2021. The promotion passes through a rigorous review process at various levels including departmental council, college academic council, and evaluations by internal and external reviewers before finally coming to the university senate for approval. The process (the evaluations and the ultimate endorsement of the promotion) involves assessment of contributions made in areas of research (publication), teaching effectiveness, community services, and participation in institutional affairs among others.

Of the six full professorship awards approved by the Board, two were from the Institute of Health, and another two from College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine. The remaining four belonged to two different colleges: College of Natural and Computational Sciences and College of Education and Behavioral Sciences.

The promotion covered diverse specialization areas such as Mathematics (Professor Gemechis File), Pediatrics Rehabilitation (Professor Berhanu Nigussie), Environmental Health Engineering (Professor Alemayehu Haddis), Medical Microbiology (Professor Getinet Beyene), Horticulture (Professor Woyessa Garedew), and Microbial Biotechnology and Diagnostic Immunology (Professor Yosef Deneke).

The deliberation held on the cases presented and evidences documented indicated that the Board was satisfied with the contributions each scholar made towards the advancement of science in their respective fields and the services rendered to the university and the public at large. Jimma University would like to congratulate all the six professors on their well-deserved promotion.