Seventh (7th) Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Day colorfully celebrated at Jimma University

The 7th Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Day was colorfully celebrated at Jimma University on 21st of June 2019 with the theme “One Health Approach to Combat Anti-microbial Resistance”. The event was organized by Jimma University School of Pharmacy, Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Association (EPA), Federal Ministry of Health and Ethiopian Food and Drug Authority (EFDA). A total of 250 participants including professionals from School of Pharmacy, School of Medicine, School of Medical Laboratory, and Jimma University Medical Center (JUMC); and senior pharmacy students were involved in the workshop. The event provided an excellent opportunity and venue for the exchange of ideas among different health professionals of the University.

The program was opened with opening remarks of Dr Sultan Suleman, Chapter Head for Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Association South Western Office and Director for Research and Grants Directorate at Jimma University. In his opening speech, Dr. Sultan addressed that Antimicrobial resistance is a global problem which needs special attention from all stakeholders and sectorial offices in general and health care professionals including pharmacists in particular. He added that the rapid increasing of antimicrobial resistance will be leaving us without any alternatives leading to where we can’t save life. To combat this problem well trained pharmacists should be involved in patient care services. During his opening remarks, as one of the senior staffs at the school, Dr. Sultan witnessed that all the necessary preparations are completed to launch post-baccalaureate Pharm D program in the upcoming September 2019 in Jimma University School of Pharmacy.

Different discussion papers were presented on this day concerning AMR. In general, four papers were presented by different expertise of the area. Dr. Esayas Kebede, Acting Vice President for Jimma University Institute of Health (JUIH) and Chief Academic and Clinical Director for Jimma University Medical Center (JUMC) has presented a paper on “One health approach to combat emergence and spread of AMR”, while Dr. Legese Chelkeba, ex-Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences presented another paper on “National and Global Overview of AMR”. A paper on “Role of pharmacy professionals in containing the emergence and spread of AMR was presented by Mr. Girma Mamo (MSc), while the role of laboratory professionals and lab centers was presented in detail by Mr. Getnet T (MSc). After the presentation of the four papers, series of panel discussions were held during which the paper presenters were addressing the questions and comments raised by the participants. 
The program was finally adjourned by a closing remark of again Dr. Sultan. In his closing speech, Dr. Sultan provided the direction that all stakeholders in general and health professionals in particular should use the philosophy of ‘Medemer’ which means ‘work in synergy’ to combat AMR. He addressed that all pharmacists should join and work under the umbrella of Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Association (EPA) while pharmacy students of the school should strengthen Jimma University Pharmacy Students Association (JUPSA). Finally, all the participants have agreed to work jointly for AMR containment.