Second Cluster Conference on “Enhancing Youth and Women Engagement in Peace Building and Leadership”

On June 22, 2024, Jimma University, in collaboration with the Enabling University Peace Education (EUPE) project, organized the Second Cluster Conference at Jimma University. The conference aimed to enhance the engagement of youth and women in peace-building and leadership roles, contributing to the overall goal of the EUPE project.

The conference was officially opened by Dr. Ashenafi Belay, the delegate of the Vice President for Research and Community Service at Jimma University. In his opening speech, Dr. Ashenafi emphasized the importance of sustainable engagement of youth and women in peace-building efforts..

Mr. Temesgen, the EUPE coordinator at Jimma University, provided a brief overview of the EUPE project. The project, funded by the British Council and European Union, is a three-year initiative aimed at improving the participation and contribution of youth and women in peace-building in Ethiopia and Sudan.

The EUPE project at Jimma University focuses on peace education training, context-based research, and community engagement in peace-building..

During the conference, three research papers were presented, and this was followed by academic discussions, questions, comments, and suggestions from the participants.

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