Revitalizing and strengthening Partnership with Vanke School of Public Health.

Delegates from Jimma University, led by President of JU, Dr. Jemal Abafita, visited the Vanke School of Public Health at Tsinghua University to discuss and explore opportunities for collaboration. The purpose of the visit was to strengthen and revitalize the partnership between the two institutions as part of Jimma University’s internationalization efforts.
The meeting, held at the Vanke School of Public Health, brought together distinguished leaders from the Vanke School of Public Health and Jimma University.
The event commenced with an introduction to the Vanke School of Public Health, including an overview of the Bright initiative, which was presented by Kaibo Wang, the Assistant Dean of the school. President Jemal then provided a comprehensive introduction to Jimma University, highlighting its areas of excellence and the potential for mutually beneficial cooperation.
This discussion has laid the foundation for a promising future in collaborative research initiatives, graduate study opportunities, and capacity-building endeavors for both institutions. Recognizing the value of their partnership, the two parties have agreed to take essential steps to renew and formalize the existing collaboration.
The revitalization holds great potential for advancing knowledge, addressing public health challenges, and fostering academic and cultural exchange between the two institutions.
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