Psycho-social Training being conducted for Academic staff members


(December 04/2020) The training focuses on Psycho-social support during the Covid-19 pandemic on the basis of the guideline developed and distributed by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Science and Higher Education.  The training has been delivered for academic staff members of all Colleges and Institutes on 4th and 5th December/2020.  

It was underlined that students are coming from different parts of the country and far away from the teaching and learning environment for more than Nine months facing a variety of socio-economic realities. Now they are coming back to their studies and they need the support of teachers and mentors in order to tackle the challenges they may face and ensure the successful completion of their studies. It was emphasized that their teachers need to be ready to support their students, which is why the training is organized. The schedule for covering courses could be very tight due to the lost time during the Covis-19 pandemic and learning during the pandemic in itself imposes an extra psychological burden over students.  This may put students under stress and teachers could be of greater help by extending all the necessary psycho-social support. The training enables the teachers to get ready and provide the needed supports to their students.

 Jimma University has completed preparation to register students as of December 07/2020.