Project launching meeting held at JU

JU in collaboration with PXL-University College launched a project entitled “Integrated Evidence Based Practice for Health Professionals” on April 15th, 2019. 

The project according to facilitators from JU and PXL-University College has planned to develop the capacity of the staff, which will in turn be transferred to their students. The project team is working its level best to suit the implementation to the needs and preferences of the staff. Hence, the team members have arranged online capacity building courses which they will later deliver to interested and committed staffs in the coming few months. The project finally aims at Integrating Evidence Based Practice (EBP) into higher education programs, and Knowledge and technology transfer through community-based education (CBE) and collaborative research projects.






The guest of honor on the launching event, Mr. Kora Tushune, V/P for Business and Development of JU stated that JU has been attempting to expand evidence-based practice through collaboration with western universities and international organizations, such as the World Health Organization (WHO). Through these partnerships it established Ethiopian Evidence-based Healthcare Center and Jimma University Rapid Review Response Center. Moreover, the university recognizes that evidence practice should be integrated into the healthcare system and health policy of the country and the African continent at large.








Finally, he expressed the commitment of JU to continue supporting the collaborative team throughout the project period and by extending support in all aspects to maximize the impact of our collaboration in expanding evidence-based practice in the country and in improving the lives and wellbeing of our community.  

Facilitators from both institutions will continue offering training to staff members for the coming few days accompanied by visits and experience sharing meetings.